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My Perfect Day in the Valley of the Sun: Miles Newcomer

Live a day in the life of sushi chef Miles Newcomer of Sushi Roku

When not in the kitchen, Miles Newcomer plans a well-rounded way to spend his ideal day. 

Morning: A Smoothie Start

I would take my time getting out of bed savoring every last second of it before getting out of bed and turning on some tunes. Most likely Green Days' “Dookie” album, and I am playing it loud—I'm talking wake-the-dead loud. I would swoop by D’lish for a four berry smoothie just to get things going and then cruise to my friend Mikey's house for some carne asada/corizo tacos and sunny pool sessions. He's cooking because, no matter how hard I try, he always makes them better. Meats coming from an awesome little Mexican butcher shop called Carneceria El Rancho—Don’t be afraid to ask them to marinate the meat for you! After I have had my fill, I would crash for a bit while listening to Rick play the drums, slipping into absolute bliss of perfect vibrations.

Afternoon: Guinness & Records

Afternoon is dedicated to the family. We would all hang out: Mom, Dad, Meghann, Aaron, Uncle Jim and Betty. Being Irish, we would go out to Skeptical Chymist for corned beef and cabbage, Shepherds pie and I am sure somebody would throw back a few pints of Guinness. After lunch my dad would go for a long walk. We would talk about our futures and our dreams, with no fear or apprehensions, not one single care in the world. We would head home and there would be Sam Cooke playing in the living room. My sister and my mom would be dancing and we would sit around and laugh and play board games till one of us got tired.

(©Tiberiu Ana/Creative Commons)

Night: Stormin' the Clubs

I would head to Roku, but this time I am on the other side of the sushi bar. Enjoying the fruits of my labor, I would be surrounded by friends and family. The food would come out slowly; the conversation would be fluid and come easily, and time would pass unnoticed. When our bellies were full, I would grab some friends and storm the block like a pack of wolves. Straight to the front; no standing in line. "Sorry Bro, should have ate at Roku.” We would hit all the best ones—the W, Maya Day + Nightclub, Bottled Blonde, Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails, The Mint—and none of them would close. They would stay open till the sun came up and the music would only get louder. After reaping our fill of specials and liberties, we would stumble outside for some long, drawn-out good byes. I would "Uber" home where I would climb into my bed, lay down my head and fall asleep to the thought that tomorrow can only be better.

Maya Day + Nightclub
Maya Day + Nightclub (©Tony Cottrell/Shutterbug Photography)

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