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My Perfect Day in the Valley of the Sun: Jennifer Paige Boonlorn

The designer of Soul Carrier handbags, Phoenix-based Jennifer Paige Boonlorn, imagines a perfect day for herself—and it’s really not far from reality.

The designer of Soul Carrier handbags imagines a perfect day for herself—and it’s really not far from reality.

Morning: Early Start

At 5 am I’d bound out of bed with endless energy, and spin it out at Studio 360 in Arcadia. Kindra Hall would be the instructor and her playlist would include Avicii, OneRepublic, Natasha Bedingfield, and most of the songs that have been on repeat from my Spotify playlist. I would grab a coffee from either The Madison Improvement Club’s Seed cafe (the house-made almond milk and coffee-nut coffee are to die for!) or I would head to The Henry and get some work done on my laptop while eating a quinoa burrito. I love going at 6:30 am and cranking it out for several hours before the world wakes up and starts to need me.

high seats at The Henry
A coffee bar at the forefront of The Henry offers stimulation and seating in various forms (©Fox Restaurant Concepts).

I would spend the next portion of my day designing a collection of handbags that had no limitations in regards to budget or engineering restrictions in my “Beadle box” condo that Bob Wilkinson of Worksite remodeled for me. The condo is super-modern and full of artistic pieces that Bob and I collaborated on. I feel inspired just sitting in my condo to create, draw and come up with ideas.

Afternoon: Fashion’s in the Family

I would meet my incredible sister Jaime and her sassy daughter Blake Emery (who I have named a clutch after) and precious son Ryker Paisan (whose middle name is my father’s name) for lunch somewhere, and maybe do some shopping. When Blake was four years old, we were walking through Nordstrom and she told me she needed to pick up some MAC makeup—not now, but when she got older. And then she pointed out a pair of Valentino shoes that perfectly matched the cherry-print dress she had on. We trained her well in the fashion realm.

Evening: A Hearty Ha-Ha

I would work with my interns who I absolutely love and adore, check in with my marketing team and sales reps in California, and close down the day at Postino, recapping and laughing hysterically with one of my friends. After design and creating, laughing until my abs hurt is probably one of my favorite things to do.

Postino wine and cheese
Winding down—and cracking up—at Postino (©Upward Projects)