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Phoenix Restaurants Where Dinner is Practically Postmodern Art

Precision platings and uncluttered atmospheres for casual, contemporary dining

Explore the deconstructivist art movement by dining at a few key restaurants in Phoenix. Each establishment is led by chefs who excel at deliberate presentation in addition to regional/seasonal sourcing and atypical preparation.

Crudo’s Cullen Campbell waxes Italian with raw fishes and pickled vegetables in a chic industrial space.

Locate Crudo’s dining room via a back door at Gaslight Square on 36th & Indian School Roads. (©Chris Loomis)
•In an indoor/outdoor urban-infill spot on downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row, The Local’s Chris McKinley paints with flavor-infused mousses, gelées and foams.
•And on many of Kevin Binkley’s oversized plates in four Phoenix-area restaurants that bear his surname, each luxurious ingredient gets its own space.

Bink’s Midtown
An artful nosh of dates, pecans and goat cheese—all locally produced—with watercress leaves and balsamic drizzle at Bink’s Midtown (©David Zickl)