9 Must-See Unique Roadside Attractions in Arizona

From a group of huge dinosaurs to a missile museum, and "The Thing" to the London Bridge, Arizona has plenty of stops to spice up a road trip.

Every state has its unique spots—and Arizona is no exception. Whether you’re road-tripping through the state or live in Arizona and are looking to see some of the strange things that sets your state apart, here are nine must-see odd roadside attractions to put on your bucket list.

Dinosaurs in Holbrook, Arizona
Dinosaurs stand gaurd outside the Rainbow Rock Shop in Holbrook, Arizona. (©Road Travel America/Flickr, Creative Commons)


If you’re passing by Holbrook, make time for a photo with the seven dinosaurs that stand guard in the yard of the Rainbow Rock Shop. These looming giants reportedly took the owners of the shop 20 years to build. When you’re done with the dinos peruse the shop, which offers a unique selection of rocks, petrified wood and fun trinkets for sale. 101 Navajo Blvd., Holbrook

Lumberjack statue at Northern Arizona University
The Lumberjack statue at Northern Arizona University (Courtesy Northern Arizona University)

Muffler Men

On Northern Arizona University’s campus find not one, but TWO 25-foot-tall statues used as icons of its mascot (go Lumberjacks!). These lumberjack figures, both “Muffler Men,” large promotional statues produced in the 1960s and 1970s often used by auto repair shops along Route 66, were donated to the university in 1973. Find these statues located by the Skydome and near the south scoreboard. Fun fact: Catch the statues in their movie debut in the 1969 movie “Easy Rider,” at their original location outside the Lumberjack Café. 1200 S. Beaver St., Flagstaff

London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
The London Bridge—in Lake Havasu City, Arizona (©Graeme Maclean/Flickr, Creative Commons)

London Bridge

We bet that you didn’t know that the London Bridge is actually in … Lake Havasu City, Arizona! It was built in the 1830s in London, England and spanned the River Thames, but was dismantled and moved to Arizona in 1967, with reconstruction done in 1971. So, yes—come to Arizona to see a piece of London history. Walking tours of the bridge are available through the Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau. Lake Havasu City

Roadkill Cafe
Ready for a bite to eat? Stop by the famous Roadkill Cafe. (©Jared/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Roadkill Café

This historic café located at the birthplace of Route 66 offers all the kitsch you expect—as well as a menu filled with items with roadkill-themed names. Don’t worry though—they’re not actual roadkill, but rather tasty American fare like a Rueben, club sandwich and hamburger. The décor includes Route 66 souvenirs and stuffed taxidermy animals. 22830 W. Route 66, Seligman

Titan Missile Museum near Tucson
The Titan Missile Museum near Tucson, Arizona. (©Geoff Stearns, Flickr/Creative Commons)

Titan Missile Museum

Visit the only preserved Titan II missile site (of an original 54 sites) that were on alert across the U.S. from 1963-1987 during the Cold War. This formerly top-secret location was closed in 1982, and allowed to become a museum and tourist attraction, complete with daily tours. A few times a year, the locale opens its crew quarters to a lucky few to sleep underground just a few feet from the ICBM missile. 1580 W. Duval Mine Road, Sahuarita

The Thing in Dragoon, Arizona
Find The Thing in Dragoon, Arizona. (©Tim Patterson/Flickr, Creative Commons)

The Thing

Follow the signs (more than 240 of them!) between El Paso, Texas, and Tucson, Arizona, that urge you to stop and see The Thing, located between Benson and Willcox in Dragoon, Arizona. Just what is “The Thing”? A mix of odd wood carvings, framed pictures, saddles, vintage automobiles, a covered wagon and more. The popularity of this unique site has been featured on TV specials, news reports and a song. Dragoon (follow the signs!)

Stewart's Petrified Wood in Holbrook, Arizona
At Stewart's Petrified Wood in Holbrook, Arizona, find petrified wood, ostrich eggs, an ostrich farm and more. (©Bradley Gordon/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Petrified Wood, An Ostrich Farm and Dinosaurs

What’s not to see at Stewart’s Petrified Wood Shop? The Holbrook destination sells petrified wood (including bookends and jewelry made from it), as well as meteorites, dinosaur bones, kachina dolls and ostrich eggs. Oh, and then there’s the on-site ostrich farm where you can feed the ostriches, and plenty of giant dinosaur statues that make perfect photo locations. 406 Washboard Road, Holbrook 

Wigwam Motel in Arizona
Find vintage cars and teepees—and a good night's rest—at Wigwam Motel. (©Ken Lund/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Wigwam Motel

If you're already on a road trip to see some unique roadside attractions, why not sleep at one? The Wigwam Motel, officially Wigwam Village #6, was built in 1950 and is a series of 15 teepees arranged in a semi-circle around an office (now a museum of artifacts and memorabilia that is open to the public). It is referred to as Village #6 since it was the sixth Wigwam Motel built around the country at the time (of the original seven built, only three are still in existence). Each teepee is 21-feet wide and 28-feet high, and vintage automobiles decorate the property, as well. Yes, each teepee is equipped with a sink, toilet and shower—and yes, you can book a stay in one. 811 W. Hopi Drive, Holbrook

The Jack Rabbit Trading Post

As the big yellow sign proclaims, “Here It Is.” What it is, is a convenience store and gift shop, first opened in the 1940s, located on historic Route 66. You’ll know you’ve found Jack Rabbit Trading Post when you see the giant fiberglass jackrabbit (yes, you can sit on it and take photos!). Originally, billboards along Route 66 drew tourists to the locale by showing the store’s iconic jackrabbit logo and the distance to the store, until the final “Here It Is” billboard. Today, most of those billboards are gone, except for the final famous one. Find Route 66 souvenirs, gift items and snacks. 3386 Route 66, Joseph City

Jack Rabbit Trading Post in Joseph City, Arizona
Here it is! The Jack Rabbit Trading Post in Joseph City, Arizona. (©Ethan Kan/Flickr, Creative Commons)