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3 Tough Workouts (And a Place to Recover) in Scottsdale

Step right up to a Pilates Megaformer, yoga hammock or TRX suspension trainer—and then book a therapeutic massage.

Time away from the daily demands of home can be ripe for a quality-of-life reboot. While in Scottsdale, try a wild workout—sweating, grunting, contorting not-so-gracefully—where no one’s going to recognize you. Incognito experimentation!

Students at The Body Lab use machines with gliding surfaces, straps, pulleys, and adaptable resistance settings to carry out core-busting Pilates poses dictated by their teachers, 50 merciless minutes at a time. If you can’t figure out what you’re being asked to do, check out your neighbor. He or she was a beginner once, too, and remembers how awkward a first foray on the Megaformer apparatus can be.

Body Lab Megaformer
The “Megaformer” apparatus at The Body Lab can be manipulated on-the-fly for a session of continually changing focal points. (©The Body Lab)

TRX suspension-training and PowerBarre classes at PowerTrainYoga demand similar moves and muscle-group participation while keeping at least one point of contact on the yoga-mat-upholstered floor—though this doesn’t mean they’re any easier. The new facility (just opened in April) also offers heated Pilates and yoga classes and sessions with kettlebells and power ropes. Members pay a monthly fee, while visitors exchange $16 for access to a full day’s classes and spa-caliber locker rooms.

TRX straps
The handled straps along the back wall ...

PowerTrainYoga studio
... latch into straps on these beams; a user’s own weight, balance and core strength figure into various suspension-training moves. (©PowerTrainYoga)

For total lift-off, and perhaps the satisfaction of a Cirque du Soleil fantasy, try the stretching, soaring aerial yoga curriculum at Well & Being, the spa and fitness facility at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. An instructor guides students (even first-timers) into stretches using silk “hammocks” over the course of 55 minutes. Also available here: classes on RipSurfer simulators and Krankcycles, and diagnostic analysis using a BodPod (for body composition) and Fit Mate Pro (oxygen consumption).

What to do when you’ve overdone it

Book a 30-, 60- or 90-minute massage at Movement Restoration, a downtown-Scottsdale studio with a desert-minimalist atmosphere and a range-of-motion calling. Pay attention to post-rub suggestions for further relief, like a 20-minute session in NormaTec dynamic-compression boots (said to be heroic for distance runners), or the use of TriggerPoint rollers, blocks and balls for muscle mending at home. Check back for availability of a planned cold-plunge therapeutic tub.

Movement Restoration
Trisha Haws and Brynn Martin recently relocated Movement Restoration to 68th Street and Thomas Road in Scottsdale. (©Movement Restoration)