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The Best Places to Break a Sweat in Philadelphia

Pop into these top workout spots for a quick fitness fix or simply an hour to relax.

When visiting our city, whether you’re looking for a quick fitness fix or to loosen up after a day spent exploring, there are exercise options that are specifically tailored for individual needs. From candlelit cycling to trampoline cardio, here are the best boutique fitness studios to sweat away stress.


For a high-intensity, full-body workout class, RippedPHL offers an “Ultimate Workout,” designed for all levels. The class alternates every 15 minutes between treadmill exercises and strength training on the floor using Dynamax balls, body bars, free weights and more. The muscle-building classes are in an upscale studio with bouncy music mixes, personalized TV's and full-service locker and changing rooms. 1519 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 267.773.8112

RippedPHL (Courtesy RippedPHL)

Body Cycle

For a low-stress cycling class, first time “Body Rockers” at this intimate studio can join a free “intro to spin” session before committing to a class. The 45-minute interval training classes are led by instructors with their own unique workout routines, often incorporating weights and dance moves. For serious cyclists, “The Road” is an outdoor simulator focused on endurance. 1923 Chestnut St., second floor, 215.563.3663

Body Cycle
Body Cycle (Courtesy Body Cycle)


This local gym chain recently opened a 25,000-square-foot flagship location dedicated mostly to specialty classes: everything from Spin, Barre and apparatus Pilates is available, in addition to top-of-the-line gym equipment. The new gym offers "Group Ex" fitness classes, including dance, yoga and boot camp options, and SweatX—Sweat’s answer to CrossFit classes. Whether choosing a fast-paced kickboxing class or a Weekend Warrior workout, there’s a class for every wellness seeker at each of their eight locations. 1 S. Broad St. (flagship), Philadelphia; check website for chain locations

Sweat Fitness
Sweat Fitness (Courtesy Sweat Fitness)


SoulCycle recently chose Philadelphia as a coveted studio location after recognizing our fitness fad takeover. Those who have heard of this fitness sensation likely know what they’re getting at this studio. Underneath dim lighting, cyclists partake in core-engaging choreography for 45 minutes. During these high-intensity cycling sessions—led by animated instructors with their own curated playlists and routines—participants burn between 500-700 calories a session. 113 South 16th St., Philadelphia

Soul Cycle
Soul Cycle (Courtesy Soul Cycle)

Core Power Yoga

At this Walnut Street spot, you’re in for more than the traditional Vinyasa.

Touted as a Yoga Fitness Experience, classes vary in intensity: for the casual yogi, an unheated CorePower 1 or heated CorePower 2 class make for a great destresser. For the advanced yogi, the Yoga Sculpt class combines free weights and yoga sequences with cardio and strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls in the studio heated above 90 degrees. For night owls, drop in for a late night Hot Power Fusion class, lit only by candlelight. 1616 Walnut St, Ste. #B01, Philadelphia, 215.515.2440

Freehouse Fitness Studio

At this bright, open studio, fitness junkies take to the trampoline, mat or barre for high energy classes open to all skill levels. Among the varied class styles are a Pilates-inspired mat class, a strengthening Vinyasa yoga class incorporating weights and a cardio class performed on small, personal trampolines. Adventurous adrenaline junkies should stop in for the “BandIt” sculpting class, incorporating reformer machines and 15-20 pounds bungee resistance bands. Showers and lockers on-site. 1430 South St., Philadelphia, 215.581.7384

Freehouse Fitness Studio
Freehouse Fitness Studio (Courtesy Freehouse Fitness Studio)