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Spice Things Up With Local Aphrodisiacs in Philly

From oysters to chocolate, where to find the best aphrodisiacs in Philadelphia.

Aphrodisiacs are said to heighten romance, but you may be surprised to know that they are found in more than just oysters and chocolate. Here, we highlight the best local spots to find the love in your next romantic meal. 

Avocado Gets It Started

Begin the romantic celebrations early with brunch at Bluestone Lane. This Australian-style coffee shop and café serves a delicious avocado smash with tahini, cherry tomatoes, feta and extra-virgin olive oil that will start your day off right. 1701 Locust St., Philadelphia; 267.239.0144

Bluestone Lane
Avocado Toast at Bluestone Lane (Courtesy Bluestone Lane)

Best Place for Oysters

It’s well known that oysters are the best aphrodisiac you can eat and Oyster House in Philly is the best place to get them. Order from their raw bar to find oysters originating everywhere from the Jersey Shore to Canada or get them roasted with chipotle lime butter or bacon. 1516 Sansom St., Philadelphia; 215.567.7683

Oyster House
(©Jason Varney)

Peppers Heat Things Up

Make things spicy starting at dinner time. DanDan is known for its extra-fiery dishes, but if you’re really looking to up the spice factor, order the Ribeye Brew Pot with dry chili peppers, glass noodles and peppercorn. Just be sure to keep a few glasses of water next to you; the spice level on this dish is hot, hot, hot. 126 S. 16th St., Philadelphia; 215.800.1165

DanDan Noodles at DanDan (Courtesy DanDan)

Make Coffee Dessert

Sure, you can get coffee at the many great cafes around the city, but when you’re out celebrating, get your fix with dessert instead. Capogiro does it best with their cappuccino flavored gelato—it’s made with La Colombe coffee and can’t be beat. Multiple locations, Philadelphia; 215.844.8800

Gelato at Capogiro (©Krista/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Chocolate Makes It Complete

Skip the typical box of chocolate and instead head to Buddakan for their Chocolate Bento Box. Indulge in chocolate truffles, macarons, white chocolate cheesecake and more decadent pieces of dessert. It’s the perfect way to end a special evening. 325 Chestnut St., Philadelphia; 215.574.9440

(Courtesy Buddakan)