The Best of Philadelphia Nightlife

The exploring doesn’t have to stop past museum hours. Philadelphia’s city streets awaken after the tour guides have left their post and the night owls return.

And while a walk through Rittenhouse Square or Midtown Village will provide you with many bars to walk into, it’s the ones that are a bit out of the center that offer the best experiences.

If you’re looking for laughs, Helium Comedy Club is the club of choice, while The Fillmore provides a newer venue for live music lovers. For those who like their nights filled beer and bar games, Frankford Hall gets you both with the added bonus of serving some of the biggest (and most delicious) soft pretzels in the city. But, if sitting in a classic bar with a great cocktail in hand is all you’re after, don’t fret: Philly has plenty of that too.

Pick your poison (and your drink of choice) and enjoy the night!