This Paris Pop-Up Offers Looks from Watercolour to Boss Babe Outfits

Fête Impériale's latest collection pops up at L'Exception

Through the 7th of March, L’Exception will be hosting the Fête Impériale pop-up store. The Parisian fashion label, which features several of printed pieces, interestingly draws inspiration from the 19th century and the 1980s, creating quite the fascinating juxtaposition. The pieces in the brand’s latest collection feature watercolour painting-inspired prints creating a visual escape, as well as monochrome pieces that showcase the brand’s more androgynous designs, demonstrating the Fête Impériale’s wide spectrum when it comes to designing. 24 rue Berger (1st), 01 40 39 92 34

Gallery: Sneak Peek of Fête Impériale's Newest Collection

All images Courtesy Fête Impériale