Where to Eat, See and Be Seen in Paris

Dining with the fashionable and the fabulous in Paris

As the fashion capital of the world, models, designers and fashion editors continually, and gracefully, descend upon Paris, and naturally they don’t only flock to the most luxurious boutiques to update their wardrobes and the best shows of the fashion calendar during fashion week, but they dine, lunch and brunch at the best restaurants in town. And where do the beautiful people go to for dinner and to be spotted?

Hotel Costes: One of the most popular eateries amongst the fashion crowd is Hotel Costes. On the chic rue Saint-Honoré, the sombrely inviting hotel features a baroque patio complete with elegant statues overlooking the diners. Dishes on the menu include a light green bean salad and steak tartare.

L’Avenue: Another Costes favourite is L’Avenue. Located on Avenue Montaigne facing the iconic Dior boutique, this café/restaurant is very popular with fashion editors and celebrities who lunch here after perusing the new collections in the neighbouring upmarket boutiques. The menu here doesn’t stray from the tried-and-tested Costes menu of simple French fare with the people watching the perfect side dish. L’Avenue, 41 ave Montaigne (8th), 01 40 70 14 91

Brasserie d'Aumont

Brasserie d’Aumont: Since its reopening last summer, the Hôtel de Crillon has seen a revolving door of supermodels and its authentic Parisian brasserie offers an intimate address for discreet power breakfasts to keep everyone fuelled for running to and from shows all day. The Brasserie d’Aumont offers authentic French cuisine so buttery croissants and pain au chocolat are on the menu, however, there are also lighter options with egg white omelettes and green juices on the menu.

The Caesar salad at Foucade

​Foucade: Conveniently located in the 8th arrondissement, just off Rue Saint-Honoré, Foucade specialises in gluten-free cuisine with only vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. Try the Caesar salad with smoked tofu and a vegan sauce or the vegetarian hotdog served in a brioche-like, gluten-free bun.

Hôtel Grand Amour

Hôtel Grand Amour: The 10th arrondissement is fast becoming the fashion world’s go-to for the coolest restaurants and true to form for fashionable addresses most of these places are off-the-beaten track, including the very popular Hôtel Grand Amour. This is where designers, fashion editors and artists have made it their cocktail rendezvous during Paris Fashion Week and with the arrival of new chef Guillaume Monnet, it has become even more popular for dinner. Try the miso glazed roasted cauliflower or the tuna tartare served with beetroot and seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil.

Les Grands Verres

Les Grands Verres: The recently opened Les Grands Verres restaurant and bar in the Palais de Tokyo is fast becoming the city’s go-to hotspot for socialites, fashionistas, journalists and everyone else in between. What makes this place so popular is the friendly service, the great cocktails and the Middle-Eastern influences found in chef Preston Miller’s dishes. The menu changes on a regular basis but can include dishes such as the Fattoush salad made with a medley of vegetables seasoned with Lebanese herbs, and pasta tossed in a hazelnut butter sauce and mushrooms. Les Grands Verres, 13 ave du Président Wilson (16th), 01 85 53 03 61

Le Fumoir (©Maria Spera)

Le Fumoir: In between shows if you’re looking for a great spot that is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, head to Le Fumoir. Just off Rue de Rivoli, a stone’s throw away from the Louvre, this Parisian institution is back on the map thanks to chef Henrik Andersson’s seasonal menu. Dishes include an octopus salad served with cashew nuts and cream cheese, and a barley risotto with wild mushrooms, sage and shavings of Parmesan cheese. Le Fumoir also serves Sunday brunch with Bloody Marys and champagne mimosas on-hand to celebrate F Week. Le Fumoir, 6 rue de l’Amiral Coligny (1st), 01 42 92 00 24

Les Foodies restaurant sandwich

Les Foodies: An evening out in the Marais neighbourhood during Fashion Week is as natural as seeing Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the runway and one of the best restaurants to discover is Les Foodies. Chef Alex Kogan is at the helm, creating Mediterranean dishes with Asian influences for this art deco neobistro. Kogan changes his menu regularly with recent offerings that included grilled octopus served with sweet papaya, salty capers and seasoned with zesty lime, and grilled calamari mixed in with rice noodles, sweet peas and creamy feta giving diners an idea of how the chef perfectly harmonises different flavours from different corners of the world. His talents don’t stop at his savoury dishes either with a dessert menu that includes a tiramisu prettily presented in a pot plant complete with edible flowers. Les Foodies, 6 Square Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie (4th), 09 82 42 73 09

Rivié: Rivié restaurant and bar is the city’s latest addition to the socialite’s little black book. On the ground floor of the recently opened The Hoxton hotel, the restaurant is sprawled over a large space incorporating a cool bar, dining area, a lounge area and an outdoor dining area. With a New York vibe, Rivié serves up contemporary dishes and comfort food such as mac and cheese, though the cocktails are the real crowd pleasers. Rivié, 30 rue du Sentier (2nd), 01 85 65 75 01

The Rivié bar at The Hoxton in Paris