Paris's Sweet Specialty Shops

Bite into Paris's best desserts.

Whatever you are in the mood for, Paris sweet specialty shops have you covered, from meringues to éclairs there is no sweet tooth left unattended.

Popelini's pistachio chou
Popelini's pistachio chou (Courtesy Popelini)


Visiting Paris means biting into French pastries and nothing is more delicious than Popelini’s creamy chou selection. This sweet chou shop displays a colourful counter of the creamy delights available in different flavours, with nine flavours making up the classic collection—which are always available—including the dark chocolate, salted caramel and pistachio.

Mamy Thérèse madeleines
Mamy Thérèse madeleines (Courtesy Mamy Thérèse)

Mamy Thérèse

The famous French cake, the madeleine, has always been a staple treat for French children growing up and now the recently opened Mamy Thérèse celebrates the delicious cake and brings us a variety of differently flavoured madeleines. The madeleine shop offers the traditional plain version in addition to gourmet options including a milk chocolate madeline with a heart of gooey praline.

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier

The recently opened L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier specialises in the famous French crepe and you cannot be in Paris without enjoying a crepe or two. At L’Atelier, crepes reign supreme with endless possibilities of how you can enjoy them with savoury, sweet or even flambéed options on the menu.

Eclair de Génie

Another French classic that gets the multiflavours treatment is the éclair, and at Eclair de Génie the chou-based pastry is celebrated with a countertop full of different flavoured cream-filled éclairs. You will find colourful and original options including the yuzu and lemon éclair and the pistachio and fresh strawberries one. If you are looking for a more traditional flavour, however, do not go past the salted caramel éclair, a perfectly sweetened caramel-flavoured mascarpone cream with just the right amount of a tang.

La Meringaie's Pélagie
La Meringaie's Pélagie (Courtesy La Meringaie)

La Meringaie

The meringue also gets its very own specialty shop with the opening of La Meringaie with the simple egg white and sugar cloud getting dressed up like a Pavlova. The shop offers up seasonal versions in addition to year-round treats like the Pélagie, which covers the meringue base with lime-infused whipped cream and topped with passion fruit and raspberries.

Les Bonnes Crèmes

Les Bonnes Crèmes has joined the very popular specialty trend and has focused on bringing dessert amateurs the rich crème caramel, though instead of offering only the simple caramel-flavoured classic, visitors will find new flavours including orange, lemon and coffee. More original options make their way onto the seasonal menu with flavours including chocolate and ginger and black sesame seeds and red beans.

Yummy Pop

Even Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has gotten in on the game and opened up Yummy Pop in Paris. Specialising in popcorn, the menu features different flavoured kernels including maple syrup, chocolate and strawberries and strawberry cream.

Karamel chocolate bars
Karamel chocolate bars (©Julien Hesry Photographie)


It may not be a one-product, one-stop-shop but Karamel is definitely another specialty shop worth visiting especially if you like caramel. Taking a different route to becoming a specialty shop, Karamel has decided to focus on one flavour instead of one product and has created a menu of only caramel-flavoured treats such as chocolate, éclairs and caramel spread.