5 Videos to Watch Before Visiting Paris

Watch these videos to enhance your Paris travel experience.

Ah, Paris. Whether you're visiting for the chic shopping on Rue de Charonne, for café time with people watching or for a romantic trip for two, this city never disappoints. To help you plan your trip, we've assembled five wonderful travel videos about Paris, ranging from pure visual inspiration to core travel information. Enjoy!

Le Petit Paris

With it’s unquestionable beauty there’s a reason Paris is one of the worlds top travel destinations. This beautiful travel video captures the city’s ambiance with sweeping shots of the top attractions and gorgeous views from romantic riverboats. It's eye candy for the traveler.

Paris: The Capitol of Fine Food 

Besides the beautiful architecture, we all go to Paris for the food. This quick video by Lonely Planet is a great introduction into the staples of French cuisine. It covers the classic cheeses, desserts and, of course, wine!

Paris Vacation Travel Guide

OK, maybe we got ahead of ourselves and you need a basic introduction to the city? This is it. In this overview video from the folks at booking site Expedia, you’ll learn all you need to know about Paris; they cover art, architecture, history, food and most of the major attractions.  

Allo Allo

A complete 180 from your standard travel guide video, this spontaneous look at Paris through the lens of young filmmakers is a great view of modern-day Paris. After screening a film at a German film festival, these creative videographers hopped a train to Paris and spent a week couch surfing and exploring the idiosyncratic magic Paris has to offer. The magic they captured is contagious.

Paris Food and Wine

This look into the Paris food culture is a must-watch for any foodie heading to France. The host, Lisa Sarma, explains the common mistakes foreign travelers make while dining in Paris and provides helpful tips like how to order your meal and signal that you’d like your bill. She also gives some recommendations on where to eat while you are in the city.