In a Wine Bubble in Paris

Floating above the French capital in a bubble? That’s how most people feel about being in Paris and now you can literally be in a bubble overlooking the city from the first-floor terrace of the Eiffel Tower. Until the month of April, La Bulle Parisienne offers visitors, and Parisians, an exceptional experience that sees you toasting Paris from high above with a glass of French wine in hand under a giant, transparent, dome. During the opening hours of the Eiffel Tower, La Bulle Parisienne is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, though the best “meal” is cocktail hour when you can sip on French wine courtesy of Winerie Parisienne, the first urban winery in Paris, and watch the City of Light twinkle beneath you. Queues to go up the Eiffel Tower tend to be long, so plan your wine time by getting there early and/or book your ticket online.