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Q & A with hot stylist and wardrobe consultant Melanie Pace

Pace is a local fashion hero, styling fashion shows and dressing celebrities such as Giuliana Rancic. She’s also a personal shopper, available to locals and visitors to and that perfect fall outfit, that’s right on trend. Find her at www.melaniepace.com or see Melanie's 12 tips for traveling in style this fall.

Q: Is fashion styling only for celebrities?

No! There are lots of reasons someone could benefit from having a personal shopper and stylist. My clients come to me for different reasons: Maybe they’ve lost some weight and need a new perspective, or they got a job where they need a super-polished wardrobe. Sometimes it’s just a matter of wanting to look their best and be on trend.

Q: What’s your advice about following fashion trends?

Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean it’s for you. As a personal shopper, I ask a lot of questions to my clients: “Do you travel a lot on business? What are your daily activities?” I want them to feel comfortable expressing their own style, be it preppy or fashion-forward. I just help them elevate their own fashion instincts. Also, I help them understand what is best for their body type—everyone is so different, you can’t look good based on trends alone.

Q. What do people think you do and what is the reality?

I tell my interns, “If you think being a stylist is walking around the mall all day in stilettos with my Starbucks coffee, you’re wrong.” There is a lot of work involved in pulling together looks for a fashion spread or fashion show. You need a good sense for business and to know how to run one. Part of my job is convincing people why a certain bag or look is “it.” There’s a lot of psychology involved in getting people comfortable with embracing new ideas.

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