12 Spots Disney Characters Would Pick for Vacation

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Miami beach
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Private island
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Mickey Mouse: Turtle Island, Fiji

“Mickey would be incognito on a private island somewhere,” said Michael Sapp, dream vacation planner with Mouse Hunters Travel. “And let’s face it, the Mouse has bank.” We think Turtle Island in Fiji would be a perfect spot for Mickey. The island was owned by American cable TV magnate Richard Evanson and, more recently, is a very close neighbor to filming spots for The Blue Lagoon movie. ​

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Vehicle in Tanzania
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Mary Poppins: Lukula Selous Camp, Tanzania

“She would do something completely out of character like big game hunting in Africa,” said Sapp. Lukula Selous in Southern Tanzania is a safari camp that offers the thrill of the safari chase without the actual hunting, where we think Mary Poppins would enjoy brisk afternoons followed by tea and refreshments.

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View of city from the beach
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Mary Poppins: Queensland, Australia

“Mary Poppins would go to Queensland, Australia,” said Madison Reiley, former Disney employee. “She would visit Maryborough, the birthplace of her writer, and attend her own festival in June. Then she would bop down to the beach on the Gold Coast for some tanning, relaxation and no chimneys in sight.”

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Person at Mardi Gras parade
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Jack Sparrow: New Orleans

Sapp said he thought Jack Sparrow would “tear up Mardi Gras in a port town like New Orleans” and we couldn’t agree more. We imagine Jack Sparrow would visit the city's hottest dive bars and take a stroll down Bourbon Street.

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Harry P. Leu Gardens
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Belle and Beast: Orlando

This romantic couple would spend their vacation in the Sunshine State. “Belle would take Beast to admire the huge rose garden in Orlando’s Leu Gardens,” said Lara Anders Lee, Disney fan and former Where Orlando editor.

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Miami Beach
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Ariel and Eric: Miami

Lee also thinks Ariel and her beau would visit Miami Beach and the Keys for its swimming and snorkeling.

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Church in Charleston
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Cinderella and Prince Charming: Charleston, South Carolina

“Cinderella and Prince Charming would stay in a B&B in Charleston and go on a horse and buggy ride,” said Lee. We'd like to think that Zero George or The Vendue would be just the right spot.

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Tropical Beach
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Olaf: Seychelles

“Olaf would totally go to a tropical beach,” said Sloan Field, a former Disney employee. “[Being a snowman] he wants to know what summer is like.” Olaf would probably head to Seychelles, a secluded island off the coast of Africa. It would be a perfect spot to experience a tropical summer.


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Balos Beach, Greece
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Destiny: Crete

“Destiny, the whale from Finding Dory, would go to the other end of the world,” said Shannon Krick, a coordinator at Walt Disney World. “She’d make a trip to the Mediterranean and meet species and eat foods she’s never even heard of.” We'd bet that Destiny would enjoy circling Crete, Greece's largest island, to watch olive harvests and local culinary events.

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Elvis' bedroom
Lilo: Elvis' Graceland - Memphis, Tennessee

"Lilo loves Elvis," said Danielle Maynard, former Disney cast member. "She'd love Memphis." We couldn't agree more that Lilo would probably tour Graceland to see Elvis' home and maybe make a stop into the Grand Ole Opry where he got his start.

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Santa Monica
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Gaston: Santa Monica

"Gaston would probably like Santa Monica," said Michael Silvio Fortino, a former Disney cast member. "He would want to go to the beach with all the babes and go to the pier to win prizes for all his dates."

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Computer History Museum
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Wreck-It-Ralph: Silicon Valley, California

Fortino thinks Wreck-It-Ralph would visit Silicon Valley. His curious nature and desire for discovery would prompt him to tour the Computer History Museum and the Tech Museum of Innovation.

By Jasmyn Snipes Louis, Savanna Syms, Jamie Jackson

Disney characters face many obstacles—curses from evil witches, finding lost family and friends, being trapped by villains—but they always overcome. Once they do, it's no surprise that they'd want to take a long, much-needed vacation.

When the time comes, these princesses, animals and kids ditch the castles to embark on new adventures. From private islands to cozy B&Bs, we spoke to Disney enthusiasts and they have an idea of where these characters would vacation for their happily ever after. 

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