What Travelers Need to Know About Hurricane Irma

Travel warnings and how to reschedule travel plans

Where has been a travel resource for more than 80 years. We pride ourselves in providing the best content and information for travelers, especially in uncertain times. We are closely monitoring Hurricane Irma, and while we don’t have all the answers, we want to help you as best we can with your travel plans.

When is hurricane season?

The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1-Nov. 30. Hurricanes can affect a wide range of areas, including Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean islands, the Eastern seaboard of the United States as well as Southeastern states on the Gulf of Mexico.

What is a Category 5 Hurricane?

Categories are determined by maximum sustained winds. A Category 1 hurricane has sustained winds of 74-95 mph; a Category 2 has 96-110 mph winds; a Category 3 has 111-130 mph winds; a Category 4 has 131-155 mph winds and a Category 5 has 156+ mph winds.

Can hurricanes be predicted?

Unlike other extreme weather like tornadoes or earthquakes that come on suddenly, hurricanes can be monitored days and even weeks in advance.

How far is Orlando from the coast?

Orlando is about 55 miles inland from Cape Canaveral on the Atlantic Ocean and 100 miles inland from Clearwater Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Orlando is about 300 miles north of the Florida keys.

Should I cancel my plans to travel to Orlando?

Right now, the cone of uncertainty for Hurricane Irma is vast, and a direct hit to any one destination is a rare event. Meteorologists are still monitoring Hurricane Irma and the projected day and location of landfall.

I’m already here on vacation. What should I do?

Orlando area attractions and theme parks are open this week. Hurricane Irma is projected to approach the Florida Keys by Sunday morning, Sept. 10. Stay tuned to the media for updates, and sign up for weather alerts and push notifications to your phone. Stay in touch with your hotel staff for their hurricane preparedness plan and their refund policy, should you need to leave early. If flying, contact your airline about possible travel changes. If driving, monitor evacuation routes should Orlando roads experience high traffic volume from other Florida locations.

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Will the theme parks close during a hurricane?

Orlando’s theme parks put the safety of their guests first. In the past 45 years, Walt Disney World has closed its doors four times due to hurricanes. If a hurricane warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center for the Orlando area—or for your hometown—within seven days of your scheduled arrival date, you may call both Disney and Universal to cancel or reschedule your plans without a penalty. Other attractions may have a similar policy, so call based on your individual travel plans.

Is Orlando equipped to handle a storm?

Orlando is the No. 1 tourist destination in the world, with many public and private entities working closely together when emergencies arise to ensure the safety of its millions of residents and tourists. In addition, Orlando has served as a safe city in the past for evacuees from other Florida cities. Many hotels and resorts historically have offered discounted distress rates to those seeking shelter.

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