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5 Educational Attractions in Orlando

Your kids will flip over these interactive and educational exhibits.

If you’re feeling guilty about playin' hooky from school for your fall vacation, consider substituting their classroom with Orlando’s optimal educational experiences. Here are six places in Orlando full of learning opportunities that promise laughter while learning. (Shh, they won’t ever know!)

1. Believe it or not, Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum offers 16 galleries filled with artifacts, educational exhibits and of course, oddities for an afternoon full of edutainment.

2. WonderWorks turns education upside down with hands-on, interactive experiences that promise to pique your pupil’s interest. Guests traverse the multi-level attraction to learn about the effects of Mother Nature, explore flight and outer space, and ponder art and all its quirkiness. Go against all odds by adding in a little math and music before throwing in P.E. on the black-lit ropes course and laser tag, and you’ve got yourself an equation for family fun. 

3. Our Body the Universe Within not only introduces guests to every facet of the human body, but it promises to elicit at least one “eww” from someone in your group. Preserving even the tiniest pieces of the human body, visitors see up-close actual human organs, the brain, eyeballs and even the reproductive system. Exhibits encourage healthy living by showing healthy kidneys versus unhealthy kidneys and healthy lungs compared to cancerous lungs while discussing ways to prevent disease.

4. Titanic: The Experience invites visitors to explore history in a replicated environment, complete with actors portraying famous characters aboard the doomed vessel. The 17-gallery interactive museum, full-scale recreations of the first class cabin and the grand staircase, and over 400 artifacts, including a 3-ton section of the ship’s hull provide an impressionable history lesson while entertaining every sailor on deck.

5. The kids may catch on when they see the name, but they won’t mind a day of hands-on, fun-packed experiences at the Orlando Science Center. Little Einsteins will love the Kids Town where they’ll go bananas … well, oranges over the mock-grove production area and water-works station. Pick up a few bones and see if you can spy the reptile residents as you stroll through Nature Works. Speaking of nature, your forces of nature will love “Our Planet, Our Universe,” and they’ll dig unearthing some old friends at DinoDigs. The Science Park exhibit promises an energizing experience for those who light up your life.