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The 10 Splurges You Deserve on Oʻahu

Treat yourself to the best of the best on Oʻahu, also known as the Gathering Place. 

Oʻahu is home to Hawaiʻi’s bustling state capital, Honolulu. The cosmopolitan blend of culture and art makes Honolulu a wonderful, and often luxurious, place to experience the islands. 

It’s time to cross Hawaiʻi off your bucket list and, while you do that, we recommend splurging a little as well. Many one-of-a-kind, exclusive items can only be found on Oʻahu. 

Shimmering Pendants
The beauty of Polynesia is often reflected in the bounty that comes from the Pacific Ocean. Delicate pearls, seashells and ocean-inspired jewels drape from the hands, wrists and necklines of island women. Rare and unique pendants and exclusive necklaces will last forever and remain a treasure from your travels. Koa Nani Multi-Colored Pearl Necklace $5,800

Taste of the Islands: Chocolate
Few can say they’ve tasted the rare and exotic cacao from Oʻahu’s North Shore. For chocolate lovers, specialty truffles, unique chocolates and high-quality Hawaiian-grown candies are prized. Indulge and savor an assortment of all the goodies for yourself, your loved ones and for later. Malie Kai Spring Truffle Box Chocolates $59.85 includes four-piece truffle box, three chocolate bars and two tote bags

Stay Stylish
With all the shopping you’ll be doing, you may need an extra bag or two. Stylish, functional and durable bags in a variety of sizes and shapes will do the trick. LeSportsac features Hawaiʻi-exclusive collections showing the work of local artists on bright and beautiful purses and totes. Exclusive Kuʻu Leʻa by Colleen Wilcox luggage set $207, $120 and $74 

Soup plated in a gold-rimmed bowl
(Noi Thai Cuisine)

Fine Cuisine

Serving authentic Southeast Asian cuisine in a world-class setting, Noi Thai Cuisine is perfect for your date night or a special evening out with friends and family. Award-winning Thai food created in a new, innovative style that will leave your taste buds craving for more. 

Keep Strumming
ʻUkuleles, the four-string Hawaiian instruments, have hit global popularity. With many students devoted to the iconic sweet sound and internationally known recording artists picking up the instrument, it’s tempting to take a lesson, become self-taught or purchase one for a collection. Made from the finest Hawaiian wood and assembled with care and love, an authentic Hawaiian ʻukulele is priceless. Bob’s ʻUkulele Kamaka ʻUkulele $1,345.00

Your New Favorite Handbag
Stylish and modern handbags are a wonderful way to express your personal style and a convenient accessory in which to store your essentials. Only-in-Hawaiʻi exclusive lines of handbags paired with matching wallets make for an exceptional conversation starter and a lovely collection. Kate Spade Hawaiʻi Exclusive Hibiscus Collection Lane (purse) $328 and Lacey (wallet) $198

The Best Jacket Ever 
Temperatures in the islands remain balmy and warm, but sometimes you need a light jacket that doesn’t wrinkle, travels well, and is reversible and durable enough to last a lifetime. Invest in what will likely be the best jacket ever and you won’t have to buy another one again. Loro Piana Bomber Windmate Jacket $2,565 

Anti-Aging Care
All that fun in the sun needs some balance with elite skincare. Replenish and rejuvenate with expertly designed serums, natural remedies and the best vitamins for your skin. Pure antioxidants will leave you looking and feeling like new. Love Renaissance - Iki Sakakura VC Essence anti-aging line $810

Beautiful Koa
Rare and one-of-a-kind koa wood accessories are sturdy, beautiful and unique to Hawaiʻi. The endemic tree is known for its jaw-dropping golden colors and sacred heritage. Timepieces created using the prestigious koa are both eye-catching and functional. Silver Lanis - Hawaiian Koa Watches $250

Dinner and Dancing

From Elvis to Katy Perry, Rock-A-Hula is a must-see show with lively dancers, experienced tribute artists and entertainers, and authentic Hawaiian and Polynesian cuisine. Go all out on the VIP treatment with a behind-the-scenes tour backstage with the cast, and premium access to dining and the staged show. Lūʻau experience and show $185 per adults, $111 children 

Elvis impersonator
(©Stars of Honolulu/Rock-A-Hula)