Things to Do With Kids on Oahu

One of the first things you will notice upon landing on the beautiful island of Oahu, aside from the embracing warmth of the sun, balmy trees and turquoise waters, is the abundance of happy keiki (children). While in some areas on the mainland, it's rare to find children playing unattended at parks, Hawaii is one of the few places where kids still roam free uninhibited and aren't expected to come home until dinner.

Allow your own to run free and experience the island life at places where the whole family can feed their sense of adventure like Kualoa Ranch, a hub for land and water excursions or go on a submarine ride with Atlantis Waikiki. If you feel like taking a "day off," take them to Kama'aina Kids where they'll barely notice you're gone. We know that racking up on the activities can get quite expensive, so we recommend visiting each website for exclusive deals and coupons. If you use your creativity, there are also a long list of free activities for kids, like discovering secluded beaches, hiking, and our personal favorite, building sand castles.