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Beach, Music and Yoga: Oahu's Wanderlust Festival

Yoga enthusiasts will unplug and recharge at the Wanderlust Oahu Festival 2015

It was a scene out of a perfect promotional snippet. As waves crashed against Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort Kuilima “Point” rocky edge, hundreds of aspiring yogis gathered barefoot and blissful to breathe in sync at the second annual 2014 Wanderlust Oahu Festival. Yoga instructor and philanthropist Sean Corne knelt down at the edge of the concert stage, stared out into the crowd of splayed hands and elongated backs and asked them all to make a silent prayer for those in need.

“Think of all those who are suffering in this world,” Corne said while sipping in the salty sea air. “Let’s set an intention now, together—and just possibly we will be able to send energy waves to regions across the world.”

Altruistic and ambitious at its finest, the Wanderlust Oahu Festival is a culmination of music and nature while mastering the art of stillness, unplugged moments, relaxation, and—of course—a bountiful amount of yoga.

“We are thrilled to come back to the fabled North Shore of Oahu,” says Jeff Krasno, co-founder of Wanderlust, in a recent press release for Wanderlust Oahu. “The integration of surfing and stand-up paddleboarding with yoga and music makes this festival so unique for us. Beyond the epic surf breaks and warm sunsets, Turtle Bay is the perfect setting for Wanderlust. It's grandiose and, at the same time, intimate—a perfect place to foster community.” 

Unique followed by an overwhelming sense of regrouped thoughts and purpose-driven intentions by all those who attend—it’s a similarity of values that Krasno found interesting and intriguing to promote in an annual world-wide festival. Flashback to 2008, when Krasno was working as a music producer with longtime friend and business partner Sean Hoess in Manhattan. As Krasno’s wife, Schuyler Grant, opened a successful yoga studio just above their Tribeca office, he became fascinated with the amount of active people come in greater numbers with their sticky mats in hand, ready to unwind the day away. Inspired by his wife and all the yogis who sought out a commune that promotes a healthier lifestyle, Krasno decided to combine his and Hoess’ ability to produce and promote and marry that with the yoga community.

“We wanted to create a large scale retreat that combines all the best things in life,” Krasno says. “Yoga, mindfulness, and organic food; but doing it in a fun way by adding means of culture, music and art. And it just began to figure out from there. It sort of has been amazing of all the different talent that has attracted to it too.”

That includes, says Krasno, an overwhelming (yet unsurprising) attraction to the island of Oahu.

From Thursday, February 26 to Sunday, March 1, the Wanderlust Festival will commence its third annual oasis at the Turtle Bay Resort. Guests will have a variety of events and activities to choose from such as hiking, fishing, running, Segway and moped tours, surfing and stand up paddle lessons, teaching and health seminars, Speakeasy sessions, meditation classes, concerts, spa treatments, a “sea-to-table” dinner, and, of course, yoga lessons from renowned instructors such as Shiva Rea, Eoin Finn, and Seane Corn.

Whether you’re trying to eat well, interested in growing spiritually, or looking to catch a great concert (Brett Dennen and Nahko & Medicine for the People will perform), the hope for the Wanderlust Festival overall has become a “hyper reality” oasis that will energize people to take further within their lives.

“The idea of conscious living can spread with one person at a time,” Krasno says. “It’s an internal exploration to know one’s self. And be able to meander about in that process.”