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You’ll see the best of the city in one great afternoon.

New York City has so much to offer for its visitors, but it might be a little daunting if you’ve never seen it before. With so many different places to explore, it can be impossible to know where to start. Luckily, there are plenty of people who are happy to help! You’ll find several groups that can take you and your party on a private tour of New York City’s greatest treasures. You can see all the important landmarks, or you can have a personalized tour of the spots you’ve always wanted to go to. Take a look at some of the places your guides can take you to during your day in the city.

Private Tours of New York City

New York in a Day, with Context

New York City is an art lover’s paradise thanks to the numerous art museums in between iconic landmarks. When you take this tour with Context, you can get the best of both worlds! New York in a Day is a private tour of some of the best sights in the city. You’ll visit classic locations like the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library. Alongside these stops, you have your choice of two itineraries. You can either visit some art museums like the Met, or you can learn about the city’s great history at Battery Park and Chinatown. Both tours include lunch at a local restaurant with your guide, and they end with a visit to beautiful Bryant Park. New York in a Day offers some of the best of Manhattan’s culture that you can get in an afternoon. 

New York in a Day, With Context Tour New York City | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy New York in a Day, With Context)

Quintessential New York City Tour

If you truly want to understand the ins and outs of the city, join the Quintessential New York City Tour. This tour from Tours by Locals gives you the full Big Apple experience in a single day. You’ll see all that Upper and Lower Manhattan have to offer from Central Park to the 9/11 Memorial. You’ll also be able to blend right in with the New Yorkers around you since you’ll be taking advantage of Manhattan transportation and are open to buying souvenirs throughout the day. The best part of this tour is that it’s customizable. If there’s a certain attraction or landmark in the city you’ve always wanted to explore, your guide will add it to the itinerary! The Quintessential New York City Tour will give you everything you crave from the city and more. 

Central Park Bridge New York City | WhereTraveler
Central Park Bridge (©Jean Carlo Emer)

Lower Manhattan and Ground Zero Guided Walking Tour

If you’ve ever been curious about all that Lower Manhattan has to offer, this private tour from Babylon Tours can help with that. This tour will show you all of the highlights in this neighborhood that you may not have known about before. It begins in Battery Park then takes you through some of the city’s rich history surrounding it. You’ll visit the bustling area of Wall Street, the Charging Bull standing proud before it and the 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower. This tour only lasts about two and a half hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to see some more of the city once it’s through. Babylon Tours’ walk through Lower Manhattan is the perfect way to begin learning about some of the city’s most important sights. 

Lower Manhattan Battery Park New York City | WhereTraveler
Lower Manhattan Battery Park (©Julienne Schaer/NYC & Company)

Private Boroughs Tour in NYC

New York City is much more than Manhattan, as there are four other boroughs outside of it with popular landmarks waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for a tour that will give you a well-rounded city experience, try this tour from Amigo Tours. This day trip will take you by bus to each borough of the city and share some of their most important sights. The tour begins in Harlem then goes through the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn before returning to Manhattan. You’ll learn all about the diversity of cultures that exist in these neighborhoods and see some popular places like Yankee Stadium, Flushing Meadows Park and Coney Island. Amigo Tours offers visitors a more personal tour of the city by teaching them about the landmarks as well as the communities that help make it so special. 

Flushing Meadows Corona Park New York City | WhereTraveler
Flushing Meadows Corona Park (©Christopher Postlewaite)

SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown Walking Tour

Some of New York City’s richest cultures can be found in the neighborhoods of SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown. If you’ve ever wondered what makes them so special, join this tour from ExperienceFirst! This afternoon tour takes you through these three neighborhoods and lets you learn about every part of their history. You’ll be given a well-rounded experience thanks to your guide showing you the deep histories of how these neighborhoods came to be as well as some of the best food they have to offer. Whether you’re interested in the shopping in SoHo, the tastes of Little Italy or the roots of Chinatown, ExperienceFirst will have you covered with this tour. 

New York City Tour With ExperienceFirst | WhereTraveler
New York City Tour (Courtesy ExperienceFirst)

NYC TV & Movie Tour

New York City is a popular place for Hollywood to come and visit. If you’ve always been curious about where some of your favorite movies and TV shows take place, this tour from On Location Tours has the answer. This afternoon bus tour shows you some of the most iconic filming locations you’ve probably seen on screen. You’ll travel throughout Manhattan and find landmarks from a wide variety of content. Some stops include the Ghostbusters Firehouse, the apartment building from "Friends" and stores and hotels you’ve seen in several TV shows. The tour ends at McGee’s Pub in Hell’s Kitchen, the real-life inspiration for MacLaren’s Pub from "How I Met Your Mother." If you’re a movie and TV buff, this is the New York City tour for you!