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Where to Find the Best Fitness Classes in New York City

Joni Sweet sweats it out at New York’s top workout studios—and you can, too.

“Hit the gym” might just be the most ubiquitous New Year’s resolution. And though it’s essential to get into that habit at home, travel is about trying new things. So, while you’re in New York, why not hit up a class or two at these boutique fitness studios? They have hands-on, energetic trainers, top-of-the-line equipment and distinctive workout curricula that will leave you in an endorphin-fueled, sweaty bliss.

Brian Delmonico, founder of Circuit of Change. (Courtesy Circuit of Change)

Mind-body Workouts

Fitness isn’t only about the body—it’s also about integrating the mind to develop focus, improve balance and increase motivation. Mind-body workouts drive you to do your best at the studio and in life.

Circuit of Change This studio’s signature class, Mind Body Bootcamp, pushes students mentally and physically through an intense hour of nonstop movement that integrates yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, kickboxing, rolling on a mat and meditation. 57 W. 16th St., 212.255.0053

The Class Founder Taryn Toomey helps students work through emotional baggage during 75 minutes of shaking, dancing, pulsing and blasts of cardio movement. 291 Broadway, 4th fl., 212.227.3039

The Movement This studio offers physically challenging and emotionally uplifting group classes. Try Shrink Session, a cardio dance class that includes mantra recitation, or YogaCharged, which works neglected muscles and cultivates positive energy. 32 W. 18th St., 646.491.9131

Stretching & Flexibility

Studio Anya
The supportive teachers at Studio Anya help you flip and float your way through aerial yoga classes. (©Laura Colon)

Limber up those hamstrings, cut tension in the hip flexors and increase freedom of movement with stretching and flexibility routines. These classes will leave you feeling long, lean and loose.

Y7 Studio A candlelit room heated to 80-90 degrees is the setting for a rigorous vinyasa yoga class, synced to beat-pounding hip-hop music. 25 W. 23rd St., 4th fl., 646.820.0781

DavidBartonGym The Astor Place fitness center offers boutique-style stretching classes, like Fluidity Barre, a full-body flexibility class that pushes muscles through micromovements on exclusive, patented equipment. 4 Astor Pl., 212.505.6800

Studio Anya Aerial yoga and Pilates classes work muscles you never knew existed by suspending you upside down in hammocks. 49 W. 24th St., 8th fl., 212.604.9766

Killer Cardio Classes

The Bari Studio
Trampoline exercises at the Bari Studio make you sweat and smile. (©Alexa Hoyer)

Fun workouts like these will have your heart pumping, sweat dripping and lungs working harder than ever.

Akt in Motion Complete with a disco ball, this nightclub-esque studio combines dance choreography with interval training (think: sit-ups and push-ups) in a ridiculously fun way. 244 E. 84th St., 4th fl., 212.858.0305

Bari Studio The Barione class gives a taste of everything this studio offers, including kickboxing and dance cardio, high-adrenaline trampoline exercises and muscle sculpting. 23 Leonard St., 212.966.2274

Row House Conducted in a dark room on indoor rowing machines, the low-impact, repetitive exercises at Row House are a downright meditative way to boost your heart rate. 559 W. 59th St., 212.757.6035

Strength Builders

Whether you strive to tone and tighten your body or pump some serious iron, strength-focused classes will teach you safe and effective strategies to build muscle.

Exceed Physical Culture This studio develops muscles using TRX suspension training equipment, kettlebells and interval training. 1477 Third Ave., 212.481.5300

Uplift Studios The Strength class at this supportive, women-only studio focuses on building power through exercises with resistance bands, dumbbells and the heaviest weights you can manage. 24 W. 23rd St., 2nd fl., 212.242.3103

FlyBarre Small, but mighty movements in this luxe studio barre class promise to sculpt strong, lean muscles. 470 Columbus Ave., 212.242.5161