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Salon Getaway

A gem of a salon tucked into the Village




Forget about the perks of being a wallflower. The perks of being an editor at WHERE magazine can be luscious, indeed. Like today for example: After accepting an invitation to come in for a color and cut at the Ryan Darius Salon on West 12th Street, I was told that I would be provided with round-trip transportation—no small add-on in the city-that-can-be-hell-to-navigate-any-hour-of-the-day. I was then whisked down to the a pretty brick-and-limestone building and entered the 400-square-foot salon of Ryan Darius and his most hospitable team. The space is accentuated by wood floors, a tinned drop ceiling, mirrored and gilt-edged lingerie drawers and three vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases that act as a coffee table for the charming space. Ryan himself greeted me at the door, then proceeded to give me the most-in-depth "interview" I ever had, not only about my hair but my lifestyle and personality. "It's in asking these questions that I get a complete sense of the person, and also figure out, from what they don't say, what kind of cut and color will work for their particular lifestyle." I was immediately pegged as a nonstop working, constantly on-the-go editor, who devotes very little time to hair care. With my "image" now firmly in hand, Ryan took over, in the most gentle and non-threatening of ways, explaining what he thought I would benefit from. I wound up with a rich, soft dark chesnut permanent color at my roots, and a semi-permanent at the ends ("which means we can change things up if you want to, in 8 weeks; you're not stuck with a specific color"), and brought down my yellowed-honey highlights to a richer, darker golden hue. As far as the cut, he barely touched my hair, giving a slight trim, and reframing the hair around my face so that it can grow in and provide a fuller look. When all was said and done, I was delighted with what I saw in the mirror: soft, full-looking hair cut showing off my rich, chocolate brown with a subtle glint of highlights.


Ryan Darius and his team know how give the pampered, beautifying experience, in a tiny little regal shop that really does make you feel like a queen.


>> Ryan Darius Salon, 82 W. 12th St., 212.255.3579