The Best Holiday Shopping in NYC According to a Concierge

We asked an 18-year New York veteran and seasoned concierge to gives us his top holiday shopping suggestions.

We asked Paul White, a seasoned concierge currently posted at The Walker Towers, to share with us his top spots for the best holiday shopping this season. Find the best gifts for your friends and family all while taking in the sights while youre here visiting NYC. Here are his suggestions:

You absolutely cannot buy everyone gift cards for the holidays again this year.  NOT. THIS. YEAR. It has to be something heartfelt and thoughtful, something that shows how well you know the person and how much you care.

But who has time for that?  Netflix doesn’t watch itself.  Thankfully, New York City is as famous for shopping as it is for subways and skyscrapers, so with a minimum of effort you can find presents as distinctive as your awesome friends.

Mom has gone noticeably bohemian recently?  No problem, find her an accessory with a story at Hamlet’s Vintage (146 W. 4th St. at 6th Ave.), where Hamlet himself personally curates an ever-changing family of slinky cocktail dresses, outrageous fur coats and bygone hats.  He will help you find your 1950’s style, and he might pour you a drink if you seem sassy enough.

Lord &Taylor Fifth Ave.

Meanwhile, Lord & Taylor is closing its historic 5th Avenue location which means world-class brands at fire sale prices.  Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to snag all of the high-end clothes you used to pretend you were actually considering buying.  We hate to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune during the holidays, but you know, money. And one last season of those wild winter window scenes!

Maybe SOMEONE in your life wants you to spend a bundle on them, and they also want to “accidentally” see the receipt just to confirm how much you love them.  No problem, Brookfield Place has got your finery. Burberry, Gucci, Hermès, Michael Kors, Saks—if you wish you had one, it’s probably sold here. Check out all of the shiny good-smelling things, then treat yourself and your shopping crew to an intimate, Michelin-starred dinner at L’Appart.  It’s like your chill chef friend has invited you all over for a little party.

There is so much to enjoy in New York City during the winter—the snow, the skating, the lights and of course, the shopping.  Happy holidays!

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