The 5 Bags Every It Girl Needs for New York City

Take on New York City like the vixen you are.

When you’re in a city as big as the Big Apple you could make one bag work, but why would you want to? 

With a packed travel itinerary or a packed work week, every girl in New York runs into situations where different purses and bags serve different scenarios.

Here, we outline the five situations where a dedicated bag is a must. Don’t forget; if you’re traveling to NYC, it’s easy to nest small bags into bigger ones and throw them into a carry on—optimize that small space!—along with clothes and toiletries.

The Power Lunch

A structured tote will never steer a girl boss wrong for a power lunch or executive coffee meetings. Look for neutral colors or neutral tones paired with powerful yet subtle patterns. Furla My Piper Bag $378, Furla Like $578, Furla Metropolis Onyx $448


For the busy girl on the go, a good bag is essential. Find a bucket bag, crossbody or backpack perfect for easily carrying whatever you need; a laptop, travel notes or other goodies. Furla Man Icaro $598, Furla Scoop $498, Furla Stacy $378Furla Metropolis $378

Women in a workout

Gym Life

For active gals, a backpack big enough for a change of clothes is just right for a busy day that includes a workout in New York City. Don’t forget a cosmetics bag with the essentials for a quick refresh after a workout. Furla Primizia $148, Furla Man Ulisse $578


For looking effortlessly put together while embracing all things girly and fun, a structured statement tote is the way to go. Find a bag that’s perfect for organizing all the necessary accoutrements for perfect Instagram pictures like sunglasses, cute lipstick and other accessories. Furla Merletto $378

Woman at a concert

Girl's Night 

Take a sleek and compact clutch for a night of exploring the best of the ‘burbs or New York City’s club offerings. Find a fierce pattern or design to pair with a rocking outfit perfect for inspiring your lady friends to live the night to the fullest. Furla My Play $78-$278, Furla Ducale $378

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