Prepare to Be (Ocean) Floored by Times Square’s Newest Attraction

National Geographic Encounter: A groundbreaking immersive entertainment experience

Come face-to-face with a great white shark without ever getting wet at National Geographic’s first-of-its-kind immersive entertainment experience, "National Geographic Encounter."

National Geographic Encounter opens its doors on October sixth with Ocean Odyssey, an experience that will transport audiences on an incredible, never-before-seen undersea journey. Through 60,000-square-feet of digital technology, visitors will explore the depths of the Pacific Ocean and come face-to-face with its greatest wonders and mightiest creatures.

National Geographic Encounter utilizes groundbreaking digital technology, such as video mapping, photo-real animation and mega projection screens to create a true-to-life undersea adventure. 

Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Entertainment Meets Innovation

The walk-through experience will last approximately 90 minutes and is an immersive sound and interactive “real-time” interface that will blend entertainment with innovation. All culminating in a giant dome, guests will virtually interact with humpback whales, Humboldt squids, great white sharks, sea lions, dolphins and rays. 

National Geographic worked with marine biologist, professor and emerging explorer David Gruber as the chief science advisor to the experience to properly represent these deep-sea creatures.

“Not many of us get to visit the fragile underwater world that flourishes in remote parts of our planet," said Gruber. “National Geographic Encounter not only takes you there but allows you to see the most spectacular marine life on earth, brought to life in all its glory and scientific accuracy.” 

Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

After guests go through their “underwater” dive, they will resurface to learn even more about their journey and the animals they encountered. They will hear from renowned ocean heroes like Sylvia Earle and Bob Ballard, who—through multi-media transparent screens—share their inspiration and passion for the ocean. Audiences can take on a gaming challenge to clean up their own piece of ocean and they can play with holograms of the biggest creatures. Everyone will have the opportunity to take an individual pledge to take an action that makes a difference in ocean conservation, and share it with their social communities in addition to live social feeds on-site at the experience.

“It is thrilling to harness new innovation in media, technology and storytelling to bring to life the iconic brand in an entirely new and experimental way,” said Lisa Truitt, chief creative officer and partner of SPE Partners. “The immersive entertainment experience will be a first-of-its-kind journey for New Yorkers and tourists from all over the globe.”

National Geographic Encounter is produced, developed and managed by the creative minds of SPE Partners, under license from National Geographic. SPE Partners engaged a world-class creative team of Academy, Emmy, and Grammy Award-winning artists to fully develop the vision for the project by combining science, technology and storytelling in an unprecedented way.  

This isn't a movie; this isn't virtual reality. National Geographic Encounter is taking visitors out of their seats and into the mysteries of the deep sea right in the heart of Times Square.

Ticket prices are $39.50 plus tax for adults, $36.50 plus tax for seniors 65+ and $32.50 plus tax for kids 12 and under. Groups of 10 or more will receive 15 percent off. Special educator rates will be available for local area school groups during select times.

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