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New York City’s Funniest Comedy Shows

You’ll be laughing all night when you visit these Big Apple shows!

They say laughter is the best medicine, and New York City is the place to find it.

New York City’s Funniest Comedy Shows

The city is the perfect spot to find some late-night laughs at the comedy clubs scattered throughout. Many famous comedians got their start inside their walls and sometimes return to deliver even more jokes. You’ll also find stand-up newcomers taking the stage for the first time. If you’re spending the night in New York City, stop inside one of its comedy clubs to see what kind of jokes are in store for you.

Live at the Barbershop

One of the more unique locations for a comedy show happens in a place you wouldn’t expect to find laughs. Live at the Barbershop is a weekly comedy show found inside a barbershop in the East Village. Some of the hottest names in comedy right now visit to perform their latest sets. You can see famous names from TV like Judah Friedlander, Roy Wood Jr. and Sarah Tollemache, and you might even meet a surprise guest. The show takes place every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., so you better act fast in getting tickets! 

Comedian on Stage | WhereTraveler
Comedian on Stage (©Rob Slaven)

The Gotham All-Stars

If you want to get closer to the stars in your comedy search, step into Gotham Comedy Club. This club in Chelsea has been featured in several movies and TV shows, and many famous comedians continue to hold a residency there. You can see them when you watch “The Gotham All-Stars,” the club’s weekly comedy show featuring famous guests. You’ll be treated to jokes from comics like Marlon Wayans, Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo and many more. “The Gotham All-Stars” takes place at various times every weekend, and they’ll occasionally host it on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. as well. 

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Stage Microphone (©Pierre Rosa)

Comedy Cellar

If you’re a fan of the unexpected, take a visit to Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. This comedy club is one of the most famous in the city, as some of the biggest comedy names have stepped onstage to perform. Their shows run as a showcase rather than a lineup, so no two nights are ever the same. You’ll be treated to jokes from famous movie and TV comics, and the emcees are sure to get a laugh out of you too! To keep the fun going, you can visit the Olive Tree Cafe on the upper level and eat some delicious American and Mediterranean food while you watch the show.

The Funniest Show on Broadway

You may not think of stand-up when you think of Broadway, but Carolines is sure to change that. Located in Times Square, this comedy club has hosted comics and audiences alike for almost forty years. Many famous faces have set foot on their stage, so they’re always providing audiences with the most incredible talent. They host a popular show throughout the week is “The Funniest Show on Broadway,” where comics handpicked by the staff can perform their latest sets. Many of their guests have been featured on various TV networks, so you might even recognize the act onstage! With a winning combination of star power and a glamorous location, you’ll feel famous when you visit Carolines. 

Michael Che on Stage at Carolines New York | WhereTraveler
Michael Che on Stage at Carolines (©Matt Wilson)

Saturday Shows at New York Comedy Club

The New York Comedy Club can give you the perfect way to spend your Saturday night in the city. This club in Midtown blends the old with the new in several ways. They host modern comedy acts in a club with a classic brick-wall decor. You’ll get to hear jokes from up-and-coming comics each night, as well as listen to some city favorites. Every night always offers something new for audiences, but Saturday nights are when the material is hottest. You can start your evening off with a “Saturday Matinee,” stay for the night at “Saturday Night Comedy” or see some famous faces at “New York Comedy Club Presents.” No matter what time you drop in, you’re sure to find a way to fill your weekend with laughter. 

Laughing Buddha Open Mic Spectacular

Manhattan isn’t the only borough that can offer you a great night of comedy. Eastville Comedy Club is the only club in Brooklyn where you can find some great stand-up. They pride themselves on being the home of many famous comics, but they also want to help aspiring comedians take the stage. You can find them at their “Laughing Buddha Open Mic Spectacular,” an event that happens several days throughout the week. There, newcomers to the comedy scene can share their material with audiences and provide an evening of laughs everyone can enjoy. If you can’t make it to “Laughing Buddha,” don’t worry. Eastville hosts several other open mics during the week that are sure to tickle your funny bone all the same.

Gary Vider on Stage at Eastville Comedy Club New York | WhereTraveler
Gary Vider on Stage (Courtesy Eastville Comedy Club)