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Must See: Nir Arieli's Beauty of the Blemish

At Daniel Cooney Fine Art in New York, Nir Arieli exhibits stunning infrared photography which captures the imperfections to be found on even the most beautiful bodies.

Be honest: You have body image issues, right? We all do. Those dark feelings that creep up on us (warranted or not) while staring at a tired, just-out-of-bed face—puffy eyes and burgeoning blemishes—at 7 in the morning. Take solace in the fact that even the most Apollonian among us are quick to pick out their own physical "faults." In his new exhibit at Daniel Cooney Fine Art titled Inframen, photographer Nir Arieli takes pains to illustrate that imprefections exist in even the most perfect of human specimens. 

He shoots his subjects—all of them young male dancers (a safe representative for "the physical ideal," I'd say)—using an infrared technique, which manipulates light to expose and exaggerate marks in the skin. Essentially, the small "imprefections" on these men are brought to the forefront of the image, allowing the viewer to see almost every nick and scar.

It's almost as if the artist is bringing the outsized level of scrutiny we apply to ourselves into the public eye. Even the most beautiful among us aren't blemish free. And...to be honest...that's a comforting truth.

The infrared images are on view thru Mar. 8.

>>Inframen by Nir Arieli, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, 508-526 W. 26th St., 212.255.8158, thru Mar. 8


SLIDESHOW: Images of "Inframen"