Broadway Star Taylor Trensch on His Love of Musicals and NYC

When Taylor Trensch, Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen,” isn’t onstage, he’s at the library!

JAN. 27, 2019, marks the end of the successful yearlong run for Taylor Trensch in the Tony Award-winning musical, “Dear Evan Hansen.” Trensch recently shared how he first got interested in performing. “Great movie musicals—‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ‘Oliver!’—made me want to do musical theater. I’ve been thrilled about the recent renaissance of musicals on screen like ‘A Star Is Born,’ because hopefully they’ll inspire a new generation to fall in love with theater.” Stepping into the role of Evan Hansen was no easy chore, though. “I was terrified,” admits Trensch. “Audiences loved Ben [Platt, who originally played Hansen], and I think when you really love something you start to feel ownership of it. So I was nervous to upset fans of the show. But this genius company of actors helped push those fears aside. Plus, the themes are universal. Every human being wants to be seen, heard and understood. And the music is undeniably great!”

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of The New York Public Library. (Courtesy The New York Public Library)


“The best thing about this city? Being able to order a Belgian waffle at 2 am and have it delivered to my door by a kind and generous soul. But also the shops: Opening CeremonyQuality Mending Co. and Saturdays; eating at abcV and Superiority Burger; and hanging out at McGolrick and Transmitter parks in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. When I need inspiration, it’s The New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue.”

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