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Broadway Road Trip Series: Cruising Alaska with Judy Kaye

Join the Tony Award-winning performer on a cruise to Alaska.

We interviewed Tony Award-winning actress and singer Judy Kaye about her new Broadway production “DIANA THE MUSICAL,” her Broadway soundtrack and her travel list. Join us as we venture off the road and onto the water. 

Judy Kaye at Taku Lodge in Alaska | WhereTraveler
Judy Kaye at Taku Lodge in Alaska (Courtesy Judy Kaye)

The Interview

WT: What city are you in currently? 
Kaye: Accord, NY.

WT: What are you working on now? 
Kaye: I am currently co-starring in the new Broadway show “DIANA- THE MUSICAL,” which is playing at the Longacre Theatre.

WT: What show has been your favorite and why? 
Kaye: I have been a proud Equity actor for 54 years. I have bunches of favorite shows!! But, playing Queen Elizabeth in “DIANA- THE MUSICAL” is a huge joy for me. I am a lucky actor, to say the least. 

Judy Kaye in "DIANA- THE MUSICAL" (Photo by Matt Murphy & Evan Zimmerman/MurphyMade) New York | WhereTraveler
Judy Kaye in "DIANA- THE MUSICAL" (Photo by Matt Murphy & Evan Zimmerman/MurphyMade) 

WT: If you could take a road trip anywhere from NYC, where would you go? 
Kaye: Could it be a cruise instead?? I have a long list. 

WT: What Broadway soundtrack would you listen to on your road trip and why? 
Kaye: I love listening to the SiriusXM Broadway channel. I get to hear Broadway scores, current and historical and sing along. 

WT: Where would you stop along the way? 
Kaye: Any golf course I could find. I love the game. PS: I’ve been known to sing on golf courses, as well… 

Judy Kaye in Alaska | WhereTraveler
Judy Kaye in Alaska (Courtesy Judy Kaye)

The Cruise


Are Judy’s travel photos inspiring some serious wanderlust? If you’re looking into your own Alaska adventure, cruises are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, depending on the time of year you choose. Trips embark from multiple ports along the Pacific Northwest, so you can take your pick of five-seven-day cruises or something longer if you’re really in the mood to explore. Enjoy deep-sea fishing in Ketchikan, see the Mendenhall Glacier off the coast of Juneau, drive along the Klondike Highway in Skagway and cruise through the Kenai Fjords near Seward.

If venturing up to Alaska is too far an excursion, check out these fantastic cruise options you can take from New York! 

Alaska Scenery (©Claire Fischer) | WhereTraveler
Alaska Scenery (©Claire Fischer)

Canada & New England

Why not take a fall foliage trip up the New England Coast? A week-long cruise takes you up through Bar Harbor, Maine; St. John in the Bay of Fundy; and Halifax in Nova Scotia. 

Fall Colors in Bar Harbor (©Wei Zeng) | WhereTraveler
Fall Colors in Bar Harbor (©Wei Zeng)


Hop onboard a ship in New York and venture all the way to your tropical destination on a seven-day cruise. Many itineraries include one day in Nassau and one day at a private island in the Bahamas for the ultimate relaxation. 

Ships Docked in the Bahamas (©Fernando Jorge) | WhereTraveler
Ships Docked in the Bahamas (©Fernando Jorge)


Enjoy history, bright colors and some of the most picturesque beaches in Bermuda on a five or seven-day cruise. 

Pristine Beaches in Bermuda (©Reilly Durfy) | WhereTraveler
Pristine Beaches in Bermuda (©Reilly Durfy)