Where to Find NYC Sweets for Your Sweetie

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Jacques Torres Hudson Street location
Courtesy Jacques Torres
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La Maison Du Chocolat
©Laurent Rouvrais
Truffles with alcohol from La Maison Du Chocolat

This French sweets boutique churns out glistening bonbons and handmade truffles that literally melt in your mouth. Rich flavors, like raspberry, mint and hazelnut, complement (rather than overpower) the addictive bitterness of dark and milk chocolates. 

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Kreuther Chocolate
Courtesy Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate
Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate

Michelin-starred Gabriel Kreuther’s chocolates are a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Bonbons (in flavors like bananas Foster, peanut butter pretzel cassis and grapefruit yogurt) come speckled in vibrant colors and abstract patterns that would give Jackson Pollock a run for his money. 

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Jacques Torres Hudson Street location
(Courtesy Jacques Torres)
Jacques Torres Chocolates

The French-born pastry chef Torres has created a mini-empire in NYC with his sought-after chocolates, now spanning several shops around town. Hot chocolate, chocolate bars, artisanal pieces, chocolate brittle and more are available at his stores. For those who are certifiable chocoaholics, you will want to visit the Hudson Street location, where you can find the Chocolate Museum, which includes the history of chocolate, learn about the making of chocolate, from tree to store and even have a chocolate workshop.



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Stick With Me Sweets
Courtesy Stick With Me Sweets
Stick With Me Sweets

Creamy fillings, in flavors like peanut butter and jelly, matcha green tea and yuzu, are stuffed inside domes of colorful chocolate at this shop. The confections come packaged in elegant book boxes that have made celebrities like Oprah swoon.  



By Joni Sweet on 02/06/2018

Don’t get caught empty-handed on Cupid’s big day: Spoil your sweetheart with decadent treats from New  York’s top chocolate shops.