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Ten New York City Bakeries for Great Bread

You’ll love getting a taste of these loaves!

When you think about food in New York City, bread might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily, the city is full of surprises, and you’ll find plenty of bakeries that offer loaves fresh from the oven.

The Best Breads in NYC

Semolina, baguettes, challah, you name it. There’s bound to be a bakery with the bread you’re hoping to find. Take a look at some of the different loaves the city has to offer.

La Bicyclette Bakery

If you want to have the most refined taste of France, stop over to La Bicyclette Bakery. This bakery in Williamsburg was founded by a French baker who tried to create the flavors of his home wherever he went. The artisan breads in this shop are made with great care, and they’re sure to take your taste buds on a trip to Europe. You can never go wrong with a classic baguette, and they offer other traditional French breads like “Campagne” and “Sportif” as well. If you want to top off your meal with an extra authentic taste, add a croissant from one of the shop’s assortments, such as “Croissant Beurre” or “Croissant Amandes.” Whatever type of bread you’re feeling, La Bicyclette will give you what you need to start your morning off right. 

Baguettes From La Bicyclette Bakery New York | WhereTraveler
Baguettes (Courtesy La Bicyclette Bakery)

Partybus Bakeshop

If you’re looking for a healthy bread option, look no further than Partybus Bakeshop. This shop on the Lower East Side bakes its bread from organic stone mill flour and offers classic tastes and styles using only the healthiest ingredients. You can find traditional favorites such as baguettes and ciabatta with an all-natural taste, or you can try something new. They offer plenty of unique bread flavors such as a “Fruit and Nut Baguette,” “Apple Cheddar Bread,” and “Oatmeal Porridge Bread.” If you like what you eat, consider joining their Bread of the Month Club, where you can be treated to a bread of your choosing once a month. 

Loaves From Partybus Bakeshop New York | WhereTraveler
Loaves From Partybus Bakeshop (©Jacqueline Eng)

New Cameron Bakery

For a bread option from around the world, head over to New Cameron Bakery in Chinatown. This bakery has been offering Chinese-style bread to customers for over 20 years. They’re constantly innovating their menu options, so no two meals will ever be the same. Their specialties are buns in a variety of styles. Thanks to its coffee-flavored bread with a buttered center, the “Coffee Butter Bun” is the perfect breakfast meal. If you’re going for a more traditional sandwich, the “Corn Bun” comes with corn and ham to make it a lunch treat. If you want something more out of the box, then the “Coconut Cream Bun” or “Green Tea Red Bean Bun” are the ones for you.

Breads Bakery

You can’t go wrong with a bakery that has bread in its name! Breads Bakery creates traditional New York City bread in Union Square with styles that can’t be beaten. Their variety of loaves and unique flavors are what keep customers coming back for more. Their specialty is challah bread, and you can find it topped with all types of seeds. You can have your challah with a choice of sesame, poppy or a little bit of everything as a part of their “Festive Challah.” If challah isn’t your style, you can always try a twist on a classic flavor such as the “Jerusalem Baguette” or “Caraway Rye Bread.” Breads Bakery is the perfect place to find that distinct New York City taste in your bread.


Orwashers has been a long-standing bakery on the Upper East Side since 1916. It began as a family-owned Hungarian business and has since kept its legacy alive by partnering with regional farmers to create fresh tastes for new customers. They’re known for their artisan wine breads that are made with wine from local vineyards. The “Cabernet Rustica” offers the perfect combination of a hard crust and soft center, and the “Craft Ale Bread” brings the taste of the bar through a small loaf. If wine isn’t your style, don’t worry. They offer plenty of classic loaves like ciabatta and multigrain, as well as their own twist on bread like pumpernickel and cinnamon raisin. 

Sticky Bun Babka From Orwashers New York | WhereTraveler
Sticky Bun Babka From Orwashers (©Lily Winder)

Amy’s Bread

Amy’s Bread is a bakery that creates the warm tastes of home while also offering something new. It sits in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen and creates a cozy atmosphere that’s sure to welcome anyone who enters. Their specialty is a semolina loaf made with golden raisins and fennel, giving you an all-natural and sweet taste to your bread. There’s plenty of other unique flavors to try as well, like “Potato Onion Dill,” “Black Olive,” and “Peasant Wheat with Toasted Seeds.” If you’re looking for something closer to home, they offer many traditional baguettes and loaves that will make Amy’s Bread your new favorite bakery.

Grandaisy Bakery

When it comes to bread, Grandaisy Bakery will make sure that you think of Italian bread first. This bakery in Tribeca offers Italian-style loaves that are sure to make its flavors pop in your mouth. Each loaf is handcrafted and uses natural ingredients, so every recipe is a labor of love. For the authentic Italian experience, try their “Pane Pugliese” with a side of olive oil. If you’d like the perfect blend of spices, their “Pizza Bianca” is the way to go. If Italian isn’t your style, you can always depend on their “Sourdough Pullman” and challah to give you the fresh tastes you love. 

Challah From Grandaisy Bakery New York | WhereTraveler
Challah From Grandaisy Bakery (©Monica Von Thun Calderón)

Bourke Street Bakery

If you’re up for trying a different taste of bread from around the world, stop into Bourke Street Bakery. This new bakery in NoMad began in Australia and hoped to bring the flavors of Down Under to New York City. All of their bread is organic and made with the finest ingredients to give you a fresh taste. Their specialty is sourdough, and you can find plenty of different loaves to try. Whether you want traditional white or something special like “Turmeric & Black Pepper,” you’ll find the taste you’re hoping to find. If you visit on the weekend, you’ll be able to try one of their daily specials like challah, “Dried Plum Sourdough,” and “Everything Ficelle.” 

Bread From Bourke Street Bakery New York | WhereTraveler
Bread From Bourke Street Bakery (Photo From @sergiybarchuk and @aliciasciberras_)


Balthazar is much more than a traditional bakery. It may resemble one from the outside, but this bakery in SoHo offers an authentic French cafe experience inside. There’s plenty of loaves for you to try, like baguettes, olive and rosemary ciabatta. For a genuine taste of France, try their French loaves like “Pain au Levain” or “Pain de Siegle.” If you’re looking to pair your bread with something special, there are many options from which to choose. Balthazar can give you the whole cafe experience by offering croissants, salads and sandwiches that you can munch on as well.

Almondine Bakery

There’s a hidden gem sitting in DUMBO that’s sure to give you some signature French tastes with a touch of modern chic. Almondine Bakery has been providing quality bread to customers since 2004 and offers modern French flavors that can transport you in one bite. While you’ll find traditional baguettes and sourdough loaves here, you can also try some of their signature French breads. Their “Almondine Baguette” combines the fresh flavors of white and whole wheat flour into a single loaf, and their “French Country Bread” will make the natural tastes of the country come alive for you.