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Stephanie March Talks Rouge New York and Her Favorite NYC Spots

Known for her Law & Order SVU role as Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot, the leading lady and travel writer Stephanie March gets up to speed on her new project and takes us along for a tour of New York.

This leading lady is taking the city by storm. Actress and entrepreneur Stephanie March spent years fighting for justice as Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order SVU. Now, she’s making the world more beautiful with her makeup studio, Rouge New York. The Texas-born, Chelsea dweller sheds light on her NYC life—and plans for global domination.


Stephanie March
Stephanie March (©Anna Campanelli)

Q: Why did you opt to open Rouge New York in SoHo?

A: I wanted a beauty brand that’s for the cool girl, so I had to start in a location that made sense for that person. We make no secret of the fact that global domination is our goal, but we wanted to start somewhere that really felt like New York, had great foot traffic, and was a place where people come to spend money and have a good time. We have everybody. We have brides, girls going to their first dance, women on their way to work. 

Q: You’re a travel editor at FathomAway.com. What was your favorite trip? 

A: My favorite trip is always the trip I was on most recently. And my second favorite is the one I’m about to go on. I’m about to go to Kenya and Tanzania, and I had an epic journey to India at the beginning of February.  

Q: When you’re not at the makeup studio or trotting the world, where else do you spend your time?

A: I’ve always really liked NoLIta. One of my favorite places to go for coffee is The Smile on Bond Street. I absolutely love Temple Bar. It‘s an old-school institution. The Public Theater is one of my favorite venues to see a show, and there’s a great bar inside. [My husband] Bobby [Flay] just opened a restaurant called Gato on Lafayette Street, which is amazing. And there’s some fun shopping there. There’s a Rag & Bone, though that’s technically in SoHo. And John Derian is amazing for housewares.

Q: Any other favorite spots?

A: No question, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. It gives you a really comprehensive history of NYC.

Q: What’s your top makeup tip? 

A: Every woman should have a good red lipstick. It juices the moment.

Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock (©Paul Warchol)


Morning: Breakfast of Champions »

There’s a café near me on Ninth Ave. called La Bergamote, which is delightful. It has the most beautiful pastries and great cappuccino.  

Afternoon: City Sightseeing »

Strolling through Central Park is terrific. I also like Top of the Rock for a good view of the middle of the city. Then head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and have a glass of wine in the café. 

Evening: Classy Fun »

Head to Brooklyn for oysters and Champagne at Maison Premiere. End in Manhattan with a martini at one of the hotels, such as the Waldorf, St. Regis or the Peninsula