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NYC's Best Pickles

From the Lower East Side to hipster Brooklyn, a crisp New York pickle is a lip-puckering taste sensation.

Old School

Once, there were scores of pickle vendors on Essex St. on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Today, The Pickle Guys is the last man standing, still transforming cucumbers into kosher pickles—sour, half-sour, new and hot—in the Eastern European way: barrel-cured in saltwater brine with garlic and spices. 49 Essex St., btw Hester & Grand sts., 212.656.9739 

New Wave

Brooklyn Brine’s founder Shamus Jones gets around on a skateboard, has sleeve tattoos and isn’t Jewish. But that doesn’t mean his best-selling, artisanal NYC deli-style pickles don’t have the requisite snap. Jones’ secret pickling ingredient? Caraway. Retail store: 574 President St., btw Third & Fourth aves., Brooklyn, 347.223.4345. Gastropub (vegetarian): Pickle Shack, 256 Fourth Ave., btw President & Carroll sts., Brooklyn, 347.763.2127