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New York City Guide: Welcome to Yorkville

You’ll feel right at home in this neighborhood.

Yorkville is a place that’s constantly changing. Its Upper East Side location makes it the perfect spot for new businesses to set up shop and welcome visitors inside. It doesn’t hold the frills that the rest of the city has, making it feel more down-to-earth. The quiet atmosphere and intimate settings will transport you to a place that feels far away from New York City. Take a visit to this quiet neighborhood and see what it has in store for you!


Yorkville was once home to many residents of German and East European descent. While the cultures remain, many others have moved in as well. This blend allowed a variety of food options to pop up on its streets, so you’ll be treated to meals from all across Europe. Whether you’re looking for classic comfort food or a large plate, Yorkville will have you covered. You can find American food at Chez Nick, Italian at Nica Trattoria or German at Heidelberg Restaurant.

Schnitzel (©Likemeat) | WhereTraveler
Schnitzel (©Likemeat)


Yorkville’s stores are also included in the cozy environment of the neighborhood. Many of them are small and hold local, used goods rather than flashy name brands. Thrift stores are a popular sight to see in the community, so you’re sure to find a hidden gem hiding among its racks. You’ll never truly leave Yorkville once you buy something from their shops because you’ll feel like you’re taking a little piece of it with you.

(Image Courtesy Housing Works) New York | WhereTraveler
(Image Courtesy Housing Works) 


The fun doesn’t stop at the restaurants. Yorkville’s bars will treat you like family as well! Many of them have a small, cozy atmosphere, so you’ll find the right place for you the moment you step inside. The intimacy is paired with specialty drinks that rotate with the seasons, allowing you to try something new with each visit. Whether it’s through the drinks or the events going on inside, you’ll discover your new favorite bar in Yorkville.

Cocktails (©M.S. Meeuwesen) | WhereTraveler
Cocktails (©M.S. Meeuwesen) 


Yorkville has plenty of history tied to it, making it an excellent location for beginnings. Many of its residents have gone on to great things, and you’ll be able to visit places where they once stood! Here, you can find the home of a famous New York City native, or you can see areas where more prominent names began their careers. If that seems intimidating, don’t worry. Yorkville always makes sure you’re welcome and enjoying your day wherever you go.

Peter Pan Statue (Courtesy Carl Schurz Park Conservancy) New York | WhereTraveler
Peter Pan Statue (Courtesy Carl Schurz Park Conservancy)