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New York City Guide: The World of Hudson Yards

So much to see in a compact space!

Hudson Yards is one of the newest developments to emerge in New York City, and it's sure to stand out. With its sleek, glass-based architecture and unique structures, it's paving the way to bring the city into the modern era. While it only takes up a small portion of Chelsea, Hudson Yards feels larger than life. There's always a new event going on, or something to do that is sure to take your breath away.


Hudson Yards offers activities for visitors of every age. Most of them can be found in the same building, with each level holding something new. You can feel on top of the world when you stand on Edge, get crafty with the kids at CAMP or have a taste of the arts when you visit The Shed.

  • Edge, 30 Hudson Yards, Level Four, 332.204.8500
  • CAMP, 20 Hudson Yards, Level Two, 917.920.2703
  • The Shed, 545 West 30th Street, 646.455.3494 
The Shed New York | WhereTraveler
The Shed (©Lewis J. Goetz)


There's a little slice of the globe wherever you go in Hudson Yards. There are several restaurants within the development that offer diners a new taste from around the world. If you want a Mediterranean dish or an old-fashioned American meal, you'll find it at one of their many locations. There are even options for your style of dining, be it upscale, casual or on-the-go. Whatever it is your craving, Hudson Yards has it all.

A Table at Peak New York | WhereTraveler
A Table at Peak (©Charissa Fay)


Like its restaurants, Hudson Yards has a variety of shopping options for visitors. If you're looking for the finest selection of merchandise or just a simple souvenir, you can find it in its plaza of stores. Take a piece of Hudson Yards home with you at Beyond the Edge, discover the latest gadget at B8TA, indulge in French macarons at Ladurée or buy a little bit of everything at The Conservatory.

  • Beyond the Edge, 30 Hudson Yards, Level Four, 646.954.3181
  • B8TA, 20 Hudson Yards, Level Two, 646.854.4254
  • Ladurée, 20 Hudson Yards, Level Two, 917.846.7847
  • The Conservatory, 20 Hudson Yards, Suite 106, 212.473.1333 
French Macarons | WhereTraveler
French Macarons (©Chelsea Audibert)


No day in New York City is complete without a drink in hand, and Hudson Yards will make sure you get just that. There are plenty of options for your choice of beverage, whether you want to sit at the bar with a glass of wine or take a cup of coffee on the go. Many of its bars are tucked within their main restaurants, but you'll be able to find them on their own as well. They'll even pair your drink with the best dish, so you'll get the perfect combination of flavors.

A Cocktail from Queensyard Cafe New York | WhereTraveler
A Cocktail from Queensyard (©Joanna Lin/@Joanna.lin)