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Famous Foods Created in New York

Check out the NYC restaurants where popular dishes like baked Alaska and the Waldorf salad were invented.

New York is known for many things, but probably lesser-known is our creation of some foods which have now become staples around the country. Consider a visit downtown to one of New York’s most iconic restaurants, Delmonico’s (56 Beaver St., 212.509.1144), where dishes like baked Alaska and lobster Newberg were invented. Lobster Newberg, dating back to 1876, is shellfish set in a sauce of cream, sherry, cognac and pepper. Feel like a festive salad? The Waldorf salad, created at the venerable Waldorf Astoria New York (301 Park Ave., 212.872.1275) in the 1890s, mixes candied walnuts, apples and greens with a delightfully light yogurt and crème fraîche dressing. Try it at Oscar’s American Brasserie, Peacock Alley or the Bull and Bear Prime Steakhouse, all located in the elegant hotel.


Waldorf Astoria New York
The Waldorf salad from the Waldorf Astoria New York. (Courtesy the Waldorf Astoria New York)