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Editor's Itinerary: The New York City Diet

With roughly 18,000 restaurants, it can be hard to lose weight in NYC. Here are some spots to help you stick to your diet.

New York City is the easiest—and the hardest—place to lose weight. Easiest because people walk everywhere here: You can get your pedometer up to 10,000 steps in no time.

Conversely, with the mind-numbing food choices available in the roughly 18,000 restaurants here offering every imaginable cuisine, you might think your willpower needs to be akin to that of a Navy SEAL in training to get through this city and go home fitting into the same jeans. But, if you are determined to leave a few pounds thinner, try my pre-holiday diet tips, below!


Our durable CitiBikes, available at hundreds of docking stations around the city, are a cheap (a 24-hour access pass is $9.95), efficient and calorie-burning method of getting around, and, on a mild November day, it is simply a great way to view New York. The bikes can be rented from, and returned to, any station in the city.


Livestrong.com states that “sushi comes pretty close to being the perfect weight-loss food.” Fresh, minimally processed fish, steamed rice and veggies: In my book, that rates yummy and ridiculously healthy. My favorite places for sushi? Atlantic Grill, Nobu, Sushi Zen, Blue Ribbon Sushi and Tomoe Sushi.


OK, so you’ve done your cardio via the bike and want to get some strength training in. No worries: Most hotels in the city offer some kind of gym or workout room, and you can also purchase a day pass at several clubs around the city, including David Barton Gym, Exceed Physical Culture and Chelsea Piers.