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Coney Island Brewing Keeps Some Flavors Local

Coney Island Brewing Company has some brews all over the country, but some are just for visitors to the brewery.

Beer drinkers should be familiar with Coney Island Brewing Company, as the brewery’s Hard Root Beer and Hard Orange Cream Ale are widely available across the country. Its Mermaid Pilsner is popular among NYC pilsner lovers. There are, however, some flavors that are exclusive to the Coney Island brewery.

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Mermaid Pilsner Coney Island Brewing Company
(Courtesy Coney Island Brewing Company)

The Coney Island Brewing Company’s Innovation Brewery is enjoying its first full summer being open on Surf Avenue. Here, guests can take a tour of the brewery to see where the magic happens and grab a drink at the bar.You know how you’re supposed to avoid seeing how sausage gets made because it ruins it for you? Well, the opposite is true of the beer-brewing process—I found huge comfort in seeing exactly where Coney Island Brewing Company’s beer comes from and knowing that it’s made by people who are passionate about every step of the process. Grain, hops, yeast and water might be the four main ingredients, but there is a beautiful science-y aspect to crafting beer, and it’s interesting to witness. For example, additional flavors—such as fruits, spices or even potato flakes—are added at certain stages of the process in order to create new brews.

There are always eight beers on tap at the Coney Island Brewing Company, but the line-up is ever-changing to incorporate new flavors or limited-edition draughts unique to the location. Guests can buy pints to enjoy at the brewery and get growlers to go.

Here's just a few of Coney Island Brewing Company's brews that are great for the summer:

Mermaid Pilsner: This popular pilsner is a light-bodied crisp lager with a fruity, floral hop aroma.

Trapp’ed on the Cyclone (Brewery Exclusive): A golden Tripel brewed with malts and hops.

Hard Root Beer: Brewed with vanilla, licorice and birch to taste exactly like root beer (for adults). 

Brunch Beer (Limited Release): A complex, fruity and dry Belgian ale fermented with pear and apple juices.

In addition to great beer, the brewery is also home to some fantastic events. Live music, trivia, "tappy hour" tours and a Movies and Malts film series are all weekly happenings. Check the brewery’s website for the most up-to-date event schedule.