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Best Ice Cream in NYC!

Look no further than these five local-approved ice cream options.

Though summer is coming to a close, NYC’s humid and breezy afternoons are sticking around for at least a few weeks. What goes best with said afternoons? A creamy scoop of refreshing ice cream. Here are five NYC-local approved ice cream options guaranteed to perfectly pair with long walks through warm New York streets.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Located blocks from both the New Museum and the Tenent Museum on the Lower East Side, this sleek gelataria offers respite in ultra-imaginative flavors, including wasabi, rice and vanilla saffron. The daily-rotating menu also offers traditional flavors, such as mint chip and coconut to pair with more adventurous scoops.

Sweet Janes

“Maliciously healthy and disastrously divine” is the motto of Sweet Janes owner Jane McGinn who crafts a vast range of homemade ice cream, ices and sorbets free of high fructose corn syrup, with her specialty being dairy-free scoops. Vegans and omnivores come together at this Astoria, Queens establishment with such coconut and almond milk-based flavors as chocolate peanut butter swirl, toasted almond and blueberry lavender.

Milk Bar

This New Yorker go-to is most known for its sweet and savory soft serve that delivers its beholder back to childhood school mornings with a bowl of milky frosted corn flakes. In addition to cereal milk™  soft serve, this dessert bar offers up such flavors as chocolate chip passion fruit cake and birthday cake.

Emack and Bolio’s

For the truly adventurous eater this Boston-import offers up rich ice cream in all shapes and forms. Visitors to the shop enjoy fruity smoothies, creamy scoops in rice-crispy treat ensconced cones and layered with hot fudge, marshmallow and raspberry syrup in a brownie-crusted ice cream pizza.

Three Twins

If the Indian summer’s temperatures have you hankering to stay in your hotel room, look no further than Whole Foods’ ice cream case (five NYC locations including 270 Greenwich Street, at Warren St. in Tribeca) where you’ll find organic Three Twins ice cream. Perfect for afternoon cool-downs in-between sightseeing excursions, pints of this sweet confection pack a punch with creative twists on classic flavors as Dad’s cardamom, mint confetti and lemon cookie.