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24-Hour Dining in New York City

Dine in the Big Apple at any time of day!

New York City is famously known as "the City that Never Sleeps." No matter what time of day you visit, you'll find a part of it that's still bursting with life long after the sun goes down. This even includes restaurants, as they want to serve you whether it's early in the morning or late at night. Many of them are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week so that you can satisfy all of your midnight cravings.

If you want a classic American meal or something special, you'll find it waiting for you at these nonstop restaurants in NYC.

Empanada Mama

If you’re looking for a way to bring color and spice into your life, try one of the famous dishes from Empanada Mama. This Colombian restaurant in Hell's Kitchen stands out thanks to the bright green and red walls shining from inside. The decor is sure to wake you up if you're visiting late at night, but the flavors of their Latin dishes will help too!

The specialty is empanadas, as you'll find over 40 flavors waiting for you with your choice of what's inside. You can get a classic empanada filled with shredded chicken or beef, or you can try something different like "Cheese Pizza" or "Hawaiian." You also have your choice of flour the empanada is made from, so you can create the perfect Latin dish in your own way.

If empanadas aren't your style, try one of their classic meals from Colombia, like tamales and arepas. Whatever you're craving, Empanada Mama will have the perfect dish to give you the energy you need from morning to night. There are multiple locations of Empanada Mama so be sure to check that the one you’re looking at is open 24-hours! 

Assorted Empanadas at Empanada Mama New York | WhereTraveler
Assorted Empanadas (Courtesy Empanada Mama)

Remedy Diner

New York City may be known for its flashy, elegant restaurants, but they also offer small diners that feel like a taste of home. One of them is Remedy Diner, located on the Lower East Side. This restaurant has been customers' home away from home since 2007.

All of your favorite meals are waiting for you on its menu, and it's sure to be good for you too. There are many salad options you can order for lunch, like the Waldorf salad or their special "Avocado Salad."

For dinner, you have your choice of chicken, be it fried, stuffed with cheese or served with lemon butter sauce and rice. If breakfast is what you're looking for, try one of their eggs benedict options created with wacky flavors like "BBQ Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict." Pair any dish with one of their healthy smoothies, and you have the perfect blend of city flavors and the tastes of home.

Remedy Diner Exterior Sign New York | WhereTraveler
Remedy Diner Exterior Sign (Courtesy Arkadiusz S.)


Want to taste the best of Latin flavors without leaving the city? Visit Coppelia in Chelsea! This restaurant has been treating customers with the best of Cuba since 2011. Each of their dishes is infused with the fresh tastes of Latin America, so you'll always find that kick you're looking for whenever you visit.

Breakfast is served all day long so that you can treat yourself to "Huevos Rancheros" or "Omelette Coppelia," be it nine in the morning or nine at night. If breakfast isn't your style, you can still find Cuban flavors in their main courses. Have a taste of chorizo and jalapeños mixed into your sandwich when you order the "Torta de Pulpo & Chorizo," or have some Latin favorites by ordering churrasco or "Enchiladas Suizas."

Pair your meal with a classic Cuban drink (a can of Materva is always a good idea), and you'll find the perfect way to satisfy your midnight cravings for Latin food. 

Waffles at Coppelia New York | WhereTraveler
Waffles (Courtesy Coppelia)

Yun Shang Rice Noodle House

Rice noodles are a beloved Chinese comfort food—especially in the winter months when a bowl of hot soup noodles is the ultimate way to warm up. Even in the warmer months, they’re still a cozy meal, especially during late-night hours. While it’s not difficult to find them in New York City, you’re not going to find them in many places at all hours of the night. Yun Shang Rice Noodle House is open 24 hours a day, so you never have to go without. 

Diners can enjoy the rice noodles with various combinations of sauces and toppings like the “Chinese Sauerkraut and Minced Pork Rice Noodles,” and each plate has the option to add meatballs, seafood, beef, lamb and other items. 

In addition to rice noodles, the restaurant also offers more unique items (like duck or ox tongue and tripe) along with various snacks like takoyaki, chicken wings and cuttlefish. If you’re craving something exotic at 3 a.m., make a trip to Yun Shang Rice Noodle House. 

Rice Noodles at Yun Shang Rice Noodle House New York | WhereTraveler
Rice Noodles at Yun Shang Rice Noodle House (Courtesy Chen K.)