10 Gorgeous Dishes That Put L'ADRESSE on the Culinary Map

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Cauliflower Soup
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
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Draniki dish at L'Addresse restaurant NYC
Courtey L'ADRESSE American Bistro

Explore traditional Russian cuisine from light and simple to savory and sophisticated with dishes like Draniki, a traditional Russian potato pancake served with Skuna Bay salmon or cottage cheese pancakes with Syrniki, crème fraiche and mint.


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Roasted Bone Marrow
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
Roasted Bone Marrow

L'ADRESSE has an eclectic menu but the falling off the bone, roasted marrow with a miso apricot glaze, clam chimichurri and grilled sourdough bread is a guest favorite.


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The cauliflower soup
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
Cauliflower Soup

This creamy and warming soup is made even more decadent with a soft-poached egg. The colorful components of purple cauliflower, spots of chili oil and microgreens makes the dish more art than food.  

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Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
Mango-Jasmine Tea and Cran-Raspberry Cowberry Tea

L’ADRESSE has introduced a whole new wine, beer and spirits menu, in addition to new juice blends, smoothie bowls and a sprinkling of new coffee and tea beverages. Additionally, to celebrate the season, enjoy new holiday teas including Cran-Raspberry Cowberry tea, served with or without spiced rum. 

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The josper grilled octopus dish from L'ADRESSE
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
The Josper Grilled Octopus

L’ADRESSE has enlisted the talents of executive chef Correa to create a new line-up with dishes such as the Josper grilled octopus with black rice, grated bottarga and romesco.


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The Hanger Steak and Eggs Dish at L'ADRESSE
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
Steak and Eggs

Stop in for brunch and enjoy traditional brunch items including avocado toast on grilled sourdough; eggs benedict with a choice of ham or salmon or steak and egg, an eight-ounce grass-fed steak with confit shallot, a fried egg, arugula and pimento to name a few. Add the brunch beverage package for $35 for unlimited bloody marys, mimosas and Aperol spritz cocktails to enhance the fun.


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The Onyx Dessert
©Farah Lopez
The Onyx Dessert

L’ADRESSE desserts are presented in a sort of pageantry—each dessert is showcased inside a warmly-lit display case in the heart of the restaurant. In addition to classics such as cheesecake and tiramisu, the menu includes twists on French and Russian desserts. The onyx, which looks like glistening pebble, is a white chocolate mousse with a bitter aloe twist in marble glaze. 

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black rice risotto
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
Black Rice Risotto

Black rice risotto is not a common offering in NYC but this creamy dish is highlighted with Maitake mushrooms, borage, truffle leek and Parmigiano Reggiano. Ask the staff for a wine pairing for this dish; many of them hail from all over the world and offer wonderful suggestions.


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Seared scallops
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
Seared Scallops

Seared scallops are a light entrée option and these beauties sit on a bed of truffled cauliflower purée with hazelnut brown butter and vincotto. Add a few sides like the crispy baby potatoes or the mixed roasted peppers to complete your meal. 


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Berry Green Crunch Smoothie Bowl
Courtesy L'ADRESSE American Bistro
The Berry Green Crunch Smoothie Bowl

This bowl is made with blackberries, raspberries, spinach, banana, coconut, granola, chia and is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins. L'ADRESSE serves brunch and breakfast options for the health-conscious eaters alongside duck and waffles and a lobster uni benedict. 


By Farah Lopez

Coffeemania, the popular Moscow-based restaurant, has a 16-year history in its European home and opened its first American location in New York City during 2017.

However, especially in New York City, the name doesn't convey all that the restaurant has to offer. Thus, the Bryant Park newcomer decided to push the “restart” button with a new name and a new menu from executive chef and New York native, Isaac Correa. After all, L'ADRESSE is doing so much more than just coffee.

The brand is known for uncompromising and innovative breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menus, mouthwatering pâtisserie and a diverse beverage program and is arguably one of the most popular hospitality brands in all of Russia.