Where to Find Your Zen in New Orleans

Big Easy relaxation stations

Wellness. It’s a trendy buzzword defined in the dictionary as “the state of being in healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.” As an active pursuit, wellness focuses on preventing illness and prolonging life. Working at being “well” is becoming increasingly easy to do in New Orleans. More wellness shops are opening, and the number of “functional medicine” or “alternative medicine” physicians to guide wellness efforts is rising. 

“Longevity” is the wellness word of 2019, with beloved wellness gurus including it in their book titles and media attention showered on those who live beyond 100. The suggestion is that our quest for wellness should also mean wellness for the long haul. Meditation, CBD (cannabidiol) oil, supplements and other potions are a booming and fascinating business. Find your zen at these chill spots to live long and prosper.

Vibrant Market New Orleans

Polite Society

Here you’ll discover the latest in supplements, healing honey, popular skincare, lotions and other cool bits you didn’t know you needed until you saw them. Try an infrared sauna to aid in detoxification, be pampered with a Gua Sha + CBD facial, and leave with an armful of the best products and stellar information. Like being in-the-know about products before anyone else? Come here.

Polite Society New Orleans

Vibrant Market

Nourishing body and soul, this niche boutique stashes trending skincare and cosmetics, along with an impressive number of supplements. Soothe digestion, ramp up that coffee with collagen powders or other delightful mix-ins, or thumb through books while sipping a smoothie from the juice bar downstairs. Get a glow from Kjaer Weis and other organic beauty products, or grab some CBD-laced smokes. 

Vibrant Market New Orleans

Rosalie Apothecary

Self-described as “the heart of herbal medicine,” this shop, just off the Lafitte Greenway bike/pedestrian path, is packed with herbs, crystals, essential oils, incense, bath and body goods, teas and more. Here you’ll find workshops devoted to increasing understanding and healing, fermented foods and the ritual of bathing, to name a few. Peep and purchase from the thoughtfully curated collection of natural, handmade local products.

Rosalie Apothecary New Orleans

Meditate New Orleans

Stephanie Osborne leads weekly, guided meditation sessions inside her artist/husband’s Magazine Street gallery in the Garden District. Release and reconnect, surrounded by art, then walk away refreshed, restored and ready to shop or dine nearby.