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Four stores worth writing home about

Paper, pens, journals and planners are having a serious moment. Collectors are obsessive, nabbing gorgeous stationery goods from Europe and Asia. On the local front, there are makers who create their own papers and inks, and branded pens that are as pretty to look at as they are lovely to hold. Get back into the art of letter writing, or take a digital break by filling a journal.

Papier Plume

At this tiny but mighty French Quarter shop, Italian papers, journals and Japan’s beloved Tomoe River tablets are shelved alongside gorgeous pens and leather goods. The New Orleans Collection of inks includes “Streetcar Green,” “Sazerac,” and “Bayou Nightfall” to name a few. 

Papier Plume New Orleans
Along with its New Orleans-inspired inks, Papier Plume offers calligraphy classes. (©Papier Plume)


Plan to spend a solid hour or more browsing and basket-filling here. The house-designed grocery-list tablets feature local icons and phrases, the self-standing cocktail calendar includes recipes, the leather-covered journals are lush, and there’s always a fabulous new pen for scribbling notes.

Scriptura New Orleans
Scriptura is known for luxe stationery and fine writiing implements. (©Scriptura)

Box, Paper, Scissor

Run by a charming artist and self-described “pen geek,” this store’s two front display tables are an ever-changing array of writing instruments, stencils, rulers and desk objects. Beautifully curated, there are ceramics, greeting cards, books, special jewelry pieces and even an exclusive fragrance line. The main room’s big glass case holds metal Kaweco pens arranged to resemble an art installation.

Box, Paper , Scissor New Orleans
The art of writing takes on new meaning at Box, Paper, Scissor. (©Box, Paper, Scissor)

Lionheart Prints

Liz Maute Cooke is known for her beautiful hand-lettering, cleverly worded (sometimes saucy) cards and wall art. Her retail space is bright, open and packed with the latest stationery brands, a rainbow of gel and brush pens, Corkcicle canteens, books and chic home goods. Her Instagram game is strong and the best way to learn about partnerships with local makers for in-store pop-ups, adding another layer of shopping fun.

Lionheart Prints New Orleans
At Lionheart Prints, you’ll find a veritable rainbow of colored pens. (©Lionheart Prints)