NOLA Fun House: Escape My Room

You can check in ... but good luck checking out.

“Mrs. DeLaporte would like you to find her favorite book,” intones a haunting voice from a hidden speaker, sending me and my teammates scrambling to locate it. We’re locked inside her fictional study at Escape My Room, one of a growing number of live, interactive "mystery room" games around town.

Escape My Room (©Escape My Room)

The concept is simple—solve the puzzle within an hour and you “escape”—but it’s more complex than that. One hint leads to the next, which leads to keys that unlock more clues that connect the dots to yet another. The more threads unraveled, the deeper the mystery becomes.

Part of a growing trend (Clue CarréMystere Escape Room), Escape is like being trapped inside an Agatha Christie novel, only way cooler. Based on local lore (Mardi Gras, jazz, etc.), winning the game relies more on analytical skills than New Orleans knowledge, but you’re bound to glean a little along the way.

See ... learning can be fun.  


Douglas Brantley
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