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Where to Grab a Late-Night Bite in New Orleans

Midnight munchies? We've got the cure.

New Orleans is a city where the line between night and day often blurs, and managing the delicate balance between booze and food is crucial. Fortunately, a number of pubs, restaurants and take-out joints provide food yin to the cocktail yang.

Need a burger? At Clover Grill they’re griddled on the flat-top—under a hubcap—and often come with a side of late-night, adult entertainment. Buffa’s, near Frenchmen Street, weighs in with the Gotham Knight, an all-beef burger topped by a slab of deep-fried honey-praline ham, Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms. Or go seriously old school—as in the oldest restaurant of its kind around the Southeast—at Krystal with a “Krystal Sackfull” of sliders.

Krystal Burger New Orleans
How to stop a hangover before it starts? Swing by Krystal on Bourbon Street. (©Krystal Burger)

Po’boy fans know that until midnight Killer PoBoys in the Erin Rose bar rolls out a stunning Seared Gulf Shrimp po’boy with marinated vegetables. Or hit Verti Marte for just about anything imaginable, any time, though it’s hard to move past the All That Jazz po’boy—a behemoth of grilled ham, turkey, shrimp, cheeses, mushrooms, tomatoes and “wow sauce.”

Killer PoBoys New Orleans
Killer PoBoys offers two French Quarter locations and a variety of stellar sandwiches. (©SecretStan/Killer PoBoys)

Not feeling burgers or po’boys? Pull into Coop’s Place for seafood gumbo or red beans and rice with fried chicken (Friday and Saturday ’til 1 am) or Cunada for Mexican foodstuffs, like melty queso, nachos, tacos and guac, ’til 4 am. Golden Chips turns out crisp, fluffy-centered yuca fries to drag through Tabasco-spiked mayo weekends ’til 1 am, while Sweet Things & Grill rolls 24/7 with mini burgers, chicken tenders and solid breakfast options that are trumped only by the divine donuts.

Cunada New Orleans
Craving Mexican after midnight? Head to Cunada. (©Cunada)

Uptown all-nighters dive into the St. Charles Tavern for a steak dinner or seafood plate and The Trolley Stop Café, where breakfast reigns supreme. Camellia Grill is the perfect place to crush a good burger or chili-cheese omelet and slurp an icy Mocha Freeze weekends ’til 2 am. 

Camellia Grill New Orleans
Camellia Grill has catered to generations of NOLA night owls. (©Shawn Fink)

Though wee-hours menus tend to be burgers, omelets and po’boys, things are changing. New places, menu options and food choices constantly emerge with promises to fill a belly, soothe the soul and strike a booze-food balance, all night (and day) long.