Top-Shelf New Orleans Pub Grub

Three great bars to belly up to

New Orleans’ summer heat can be ferocious, like a sauna and a steam room had a baby. But this is a city prepared for the swelter with plenty of cool ways to hydrate and cure the hangries. Whatever your pleasure—chugging a tall iced tea, slurping some noodles, tossing back a chilly shot of tequila or devouring frites—the newest places to chill are close at hand. Pop into one of these dope bars, grab a seat, eat, quaff and cool your heels. 

The Franklin 

At this Marigny hot spot, pair a Caffe Flip (a boozy riff on an egg cream) with a snazzy snack like Spiced Brussels with garlic mayo and cane syrup, or go full-ham on a fat farmhouse cheddar and roasted tomato-topped Franklin Burger. 

The Franklin New Orleans

Jewel of the South

Billed as a “tavern,” this charmer, run by two of the best in the local bar biz, rocks cocktail classics (Brandy Crustas, French 75s)—and more—to go with a clever, globe-spanning menu of pâté, bao, gumbo, gnocco fritto and calas. 

Jewel of the South New Orleans

Barrel Proof 

Dark and moody best describes the decor vibe here, though the crowd is fun and the bar team talented. From the kitchen there’s a rotating roster of pop-ups with East Indian and Asian flavors. 

Barrel Proof New Orleans