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A Spirited Day in New Orleans: An Itinerary

An intoxicating tour of the town

You would think that in a town with it’s own official cocktail you could find something—and somewhere—to imbibe at just about any hour of the day … and you’d be right. From sunup to sundown, we’ve mapped out a go-cup guide to Sazerac City.


11 am 

Ah, a night out on Bourbon Street; so fun it lingers with you the following day. Aching for a hair of the dog? Build your own Bloody Marys during brunch at Atchafalaya, where eggs Tremé and steak sandwiches help fortify the spirit. Or go for free refills at Daisy Dukes, where Bloody Marys and breakfast are served 24/7. Something stronger? Rehydrate and rejuvenate at the Remedy Room, an IV-infusion clinic that will soon have you feeling fit as a fiddle … and ready for another round.

Atchafalaya Bloody Mary
An Atchafalaya Bloody Mary, good for what ails you. (©Atchafalaya)

1 pm

Galatoire’s is famed for its liquid lunches that can extend way into the dinner hour, while weekend brunch at Café Adelaide is all about “hat-itude": Wear a hat (no baseball caps) and receive complimentary “hat-tinis.” Or check yourself in for Adelaide's "Hangover Hospital Brunch" July 19.  

3 pm

Afterward, sample the vintages on tap at W.I.N.O., which offers a sobering 100-plus. Or take a crash course in mash-making and barrel-aging at Celebration Distillation, where tours kick off with a cocktail and end with a tasting of all four varieties of the distillery’s award-winning Old New Orleans rum. Beer more your taste? Lap it up during NOLA Brewing’s Friday afternoon free-for-alls. 

Wine Institute New Orelans
It's always wine hour at W.I.N.O. (©Wine Institute New Orleans)

7 pm

Rum is also on the menu at Cane & Table, where pro-Tiki cocktails pair perfectly with the island-influenced fare. Whiskey fans will cheer for Bourbon House, home to the city’s largest selection of American whiskey, with more than 90 brands in stock. Belly up to the oyster bar for a trio of oyster shooters before dinner. 

9 pm

Play out the remainder of the day at Barcadia with retro video games and more than 30 beers on tap, or with boutique bowling and craft cocktails at Fulton Alley, where the ice cubes are as big as bowling balls.

Fulton Alley
Booze and bowling keep the good times rolling at Fulton Alley. (©Fulton Alley)