New Orleans’ All-Day Cafés

Where to feed the need at any hour of the day.

We saw it coming, but didn’t yet have a name for what food halls like St. Roch Market would do for dining when it opened in 2015. The verdict and verbiage is now in: a big thumbs-up for all-day cafés, go-to places where you can grab a meal any time of day.

Today St. Roch Market has only a few of its original food operators (Elysian Seafood, Coast Roast Coffee). For the diner that's a boon, an opportunity to try different cooking styles, dishes and drinks. From pastries and fresh-pressed juices to chicken sandwiches and crawfish mac-and-cheese to cocktails and a bevy of bivalves, St. Roch is busier and more popular than ever—or than anyone ever predicted.

St. Roch Market New Orleans

Auction House Market, a new food hall by the St. Roch folks in the Warehouse District, adds to this all-day dining environment with several second locations of existing vendors and new flavors like Indian, Egyptian and Hawaiian-inspired cuisines. Not far away, Pythian Market is open for breakfast through late-night cocktails. Among the 14 food and retail vendors, you’ll find Central City BBQ, 1000 Figs’ Mediterranean specialties and Jamaican dishes from 14 Parishes.    

Empanola at Auction House Market New Orleans

All-day cafés outside the food-hall frame are also growing in number. Cleo’s, a popular Middle Eastern eatery, recently moved to a new location on Canal Street where falafel, baba ganoush, lamb kabobs and more are served 24/7. You'll find a fancier location in the French Quarter.

Cleo's New Orleans

Recently adding breakfast (bowls, toasts, smoothies) to its tropical menu lunch and dinner offerings, Café Carmo now satisfies hungry appetites from 8 am to 10 pm. In the South Market District, The Daily Beet puts out excellent wild rice bowls, juices and lush-topped toasts from 8 am to 8 pm.

Hungry? You’re in the right town…at the right time. 

the Daily Beet New Orelans