Cool Salads for Hot New Orleans Days

Summer in a bowl

No shame in my game, I eat a lot of salad. When I’m not eating or recreating the Commander’s Salad (a very popular, sort-of Caesar/Cobb at Commander’s Palace), I’m stabbing bowls of leafy, meaty, shaved-vegetable tosses from scads of other local restaurants. The following four are on my current regular rotation…but there’s always the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.

Warbucks New Orleans

On the bottom of the bowl of the Warbucks Seafood Salad is a thick stripe of creamy Goddess dressing. Atop is soft, butter lettuce leaves, boiled shrimp, Louisiana lump crab and—the kicker—chunks of lightly tempura-battered avocado.

Houston's New Orleans

The Shrimp Louie at Houston’s features a sizeable wedge of cool iceberg lettuce, over which is draped jumbo Gulf shrimp, fat avocado wedges, creamy house Thousand Island dressing and a shower of fresh tarragon leaves. 

R&O New Orleans

Out at the lakefront, this old-school New Orleans restaurant is known for its massive Italian Tossed Salad. But the sleeper is the Shrimp Salad—iceberg lettuce, diced onions, celery and bell pepper with a half-dozen spicy, boiled shrimp tossed in a light, creamy Italian dressing.

Del Fuego New Orleans

Del Fuego Taqueria 
Del Fuego’s Ceviche Caesar is hands-down one of the city’s best salads. Bite-size cuts of crisp romaine, tossed in a hybrid Caesar-Goddess dressing, is topped with a hefty serving of citrusy shrimp, fish and diced-veg ceviche, followed by a liberal shake of cotija cheese and fried tortilla strips.